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z/OSMF performance measurement reference for using Zowe CLI to drive z/OSMF

By Na Tian posted Thu April 08, 2021 09:56 PM



The performance results in this publication are not z/OSMF performance claims. It only represents the results in this test in my environment. You may get varied results depending on the used environment, such as hardware configuration, software configuration, and workloads.


Hardware environment:

Machine type-models: 8561 – T01

Model capacity: 7E5

Processor number: 1 dedicated GCP

Central storage: 8G


Software environment:

z/OS version: z/OS 2.4

z/OSMF version: 2.4

Java version: Java 8 SR5 FP30

Liberty_zos version:


Test driver:

zztop version: 1.2.2

Node.js version: v12.18.0

Zowe version: 6.25.0


The test driver was executed on the same z/OS system to avoid potential impact of network delay.


Test scenario:

The test simulated that 50 concurrent users send 4500 ZOWE CLI commands in 10 minutes. The command interval for each user is 5s. The whole test includes 9 types of Zowe CLI requests:

- DatasetUpload,

- DatasetDownload,

- FileUpload,

- FileDownload,

- TsoCommand,

- ConsoleCommand,

- JobSubmit,

- JobView,

- JobDownload.

The file size and member size used in the test are 10k.


Test results:

The total completed Zowe request number is 4500 and the average response time is 465.608 ms.

Type of Zowe CLI test case # of completed requests Average response time (ms)
DatasetUpload 500 1498.908
DatasetDownload 500 377.84
FileUpload 500 7.666
FileDownload 500 27.716
TsoCommand 500 1707.454
ConsoleCommand 500 60.092
JobSubmit 500 496.002
JobView 500 6.792
JobDownload 500 8.004
Total 4500 465.608


Please be noticed that the above Zowe CLI commands may drive one or multiple z/OSMF REST APIs. Here is the mapping between the above Zowe CLI commands and # of z/OSMF REST APIs called:

Zowe test case # of z/OSMF REST API calls Zowe CLI commands
DatasetUpload 2 zowe zos-files upload file-to-data-set
DatasetDownload 1 zowe zos-files download data-set
FileUpload 1 zowe zos-files upload file-to-uss
FileDownload 1 zowe zos-files download uss-file
TsoCommand 3 zowe zos-tso issue command
ConsoleCommand 1 zowe zos-console issue command
JobSubmit 3 zowe zos-jobs submit local-file --wait-for-otput
zowe zos-jobs delete job
JobView 1 zowe zos-jobs view spool-file-by-id
JobDownload 1 zowe zos-jobs download output


So from the z/OSMF perspective, the total request number is 7000 and the average response time is 299.319 ms.


Resource usage:

From the RMF summary report, the system average CPU BUSY is 11.6%. From SDSF, the z/OSMF server IZUSVR1 consumed 10.73 CPU-TIME and 95040 EXCP-CNT in total during the test.

The following charts are the resource usage for each address space for reference. (not include TSO user address space)


The above tests are based on the IBM lab performance environment. The test results may different it depends on the environment. The above results are just for reference.