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Discover what the IBM Cloud CTO says about the Future of Hybrid Cloud


Join us on Thursday, June 22, 10:30-11:00 am ET, at the upcoming TechXchange webinar when IBM Cloud CTO Jason McGee talks with Jani Byrne Saliga, IBM Center for Cloud Training CLO, about the Future of Hybrid Cloud and the jobs of tomorrow.

With host Natalie Brooks Powell, GTM Leader for ICCT, they will discuss how industry leaders make innovation happen in their changing markets and where these transformations will take us next.

Tune in for a lively conversation on trends that are emerging for businesses individuals, and technical and non-technical workers, including:

  • The amount of data that will be in the Cloud
  • The impact of Cloud on where people will work
  • Gaming and video streaming in the Cloud
  • Storage and security in the Cloud
  • The importance of training for Cloud-related jobs

Bring any questions you may have about this engaging topic.

To find out more about the future of Cloud and help your career move forward, join us for this episode. Because one thing is certain, the future of computing is Cloud.

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