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OpenJDK Support for Host On-Demand Launcher Client

By Monisha Sabu posted Wed May 05, 2021 03:14 PM


OpenJDK (Open Java Development Kit) is a free, open-source implementation of the Java Platform, Standard Edition (Java SE) which has gained attention with the End of Public Updates for Oracle JDK 8.

There are some popular vendors like Adopt OpenJDK, Amazon Correto, Red Hat, etc. who provide a Technology Compatibility Kit (TCK) to certify whether a JDK build meets the Java standards.

For IBM Host On-Demand (HOD) version, Adopt OpenJDK with openJ9 VM has been considered to verify if all the functionalities are intact at the client side. In the future, verification will also be done on the other vendors, and the supported list can be obtained from the Software Product Compatibility Reports (SPCR).

Supported Clients:

Host On-Demand provides a number of client options (such as the web-browser plugin, web start, HOD Launcher, etc) to run the application.

Note: The web-browser plugin and Web Start that are part of Oracle Java, are not included in the OpenJDK.


HOD Launcher Client:

The HOD Launcher Client in HOD will work seamlessly without any impact using Oracle JDK, IBM JDK, or OpenJDK. Any installed java runtime can be used by the HOD Launcher on the client-side to launch the HOD clients.

HODLauncher identifies the installed Java either from the registry entry or from the path configured in JAVA_HOME or the PATH variable. It is suggested to add the java path at the beginning of any variable. On successful configuration, HODLauncher makes use of java runtime to launch the Host On-Demand application.


For more information, refer to: Impact of Java Applets and WebStart deprecation and subsequent removal on IBM Host On-Demand

Ravikiran Bhat