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Customizable User Interface in HACP EE




The HACP Extended Edition offers a Customizable User Interface that allows Users to customize the UI design as per their choice.

With this feature, Users can customize various aspects of HACP EE such as change the background color, Login page image, the 3270 and 5250 icons, Logo bar, the About panel, enable/disable the properties under the Settings panel etc.



The UI design of the HACP EE Web page can be customized by individual Users using the custom template.

Users need to enter the templateURL (parameter name), which is the path to the custom template in the web.properties file.

For Example,


If the file is not available, then the default HACP EE page will be displayed.

By using the sample custom template, Users can do the following:

  • Change the background color, product logo, and product name in the logo bar.
  • Change the images and product name in the About panel and add custom content below/above the version details.
  • Enable/Disable the properties (like Key Remap) under the Settings panel.
  • Change the background color and product logo on the Login page.
  • Add custom content at the bottom of the login and dashboard page.
  • Customize the image for 3270 and 5250 icons.

Note: While changing the image of the UI, the user must place the image in the HTTP Server location and provide the full path in the custom template.