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GitHub Actions runner for IBM Z and LinuxONE!


The Open Source Program Office for IBM Z and LinuxONE is happy to announce, in collaboration with IBM Power and our partner Sine Nomine Associates, that we will make a hosted GitHub Actions runner available free of charge to open source software communities.

As a first step, build instructions for the runner on IBM Z are available in the file in the gaplib repository on GitHub.

We are excited to welcome communities who are using Github Actions for CI and would like to include Linux on IBM Z in their CI environment (access to Linux on IBM Z can be requested via the IBM LinuxONE Open Source Software Cloud Program). Learn more about why your community should support the LinuxONE platform by visiting this article on IBM Developer.

These instructions enable you to run a build script from the gaplib repository that will install the dotnet environment, apply the IBM Z specific patch, and provide you with a container that can be integrated into your CI environment. More detailed information is included in the README, and you’re encouraged to revisit the About self-hosted runners area of the GitHub documentation to learn more about using and securing self-hosted runners.

Questions can be directed to our Discussion forums in the Open Source for IBM Z and LinuxONE group , or by raising issues on GitHub.

A cohort of projectsare participating in testing the build instructions, but we have room for more! If you’re a maintainer for an open source software project that uses GitHub Actions and are interested in being part of our first adopters, please reach out to Elizabeth K. Joseph at, to discuss how to get started.

Making sure open source software communities have access to the resources and tools they need to develop their software for IBM Z and LinuxONE is our mission. Over the years, our teams have worked closely with various communities, companies, and organizations to make sure the most popular testing tools are available. The Open Mainframe Project has a page dedicated to showcasing these resources: Developer Resources for Linux on s390x.

Stay tuned for more exciting news on this project!

*The newest member of the LinuxONE 4 family has arrived - Discover the IBM LinuxONE 4 Express now!*