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Special Event, Special Moments - IBM z16 Day SE


Did you attend IBM z16 Day SE last week? If you missed the conference or did not manage to catch some of the sessions, you can watch the replays at your leisure. 

The whole conference was inspiring and I learnt a lot from the sessions I attended. I wanted to call out a few sessions and people which made my viewing experience all the more enjoyable.

Most Interactive Session

The most exciting and interactive session goes to Enterprise Knights Security Guru Game Show! The game hosts posed questions about security resiliency and compliance across a game board and attendees scored points answering them. The fun, high energy session is not to be missed if you enjoy game shows and want to see where you stand on your IBM z16 knowledge.

Most Skilled Session

Skills for the Future: Attract, Retain, Grow was my favorite session for a few reasons. The panel was made up of IBM zSystems apprentices (current and those who completed the program) who candidly shared their background, challenges and learning experience. It was a pleasure to hear their stories and inspirational to learn how they overcame biases (including their own biases, from "I was never a technical person" to dealing with imposter syndrome) to carve out their personal IBM zSystems journey. Truly heartening and encouraging.

As companies struggle to find and retain talent today, this session presented a current and relevant view on how to manage the talent pipeline with growing the talent pool through skill building.

To top it off, Harriet Davy, who graduated from the IBM zSystems apprenticeship program to be a Technical Delivery Manager, stepped in as the moderator and did an excellent job, showcasing her skills on both fronts.


Conference MVP

The MVP award goes to *DRUMROLL* Dr. Melissa Sassi (@mentorafrika)!

The indefatigable ‘Chief Penguin’ (yes, that’s her real title) was here, there and everywhere sharing her passion for everything IBM z16. Dr. Sassi kicked off her session with a deep dive into IBM Telum Processor with Christian Jacobi, the Chief Architect for processor design at IBM. This was followed by live fireside sessions with founders of FinTech and HealthTech start-ups from the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator, direct from her living room in Arlington, Texas. …. talk about warm hospitality!

Dr. Sassi wrapped up the conference with #BeatsOnIBM which brings music creator culture and technology into one, with a hands-on demo of Quantum Music Playground.

Best Dressed

Ross Mauri’s IBM z16 shirt wins hands down! The runner-up is Dr Melissa Sassi’s outfit changes for each of her six sessions.


Most Quotable Quote

“The way Jesse James robbed banks because that’s where the money is,
I work on mainframes because there’s where the data is.”

Paul Mottola

JP Morgan Chase

“The Future is IBM z16” Keynote Session


Mon May 16, 2022 01:31 PM

Very interesting article MingMay enjoyed reading it! Being new to IBM zSystems this gave me a different perspective. Haven't  figured out the significance of "Penguin" yet :)

Mon April 25, 2022 11:58 AM

Thanks for sharing your experience at IBM z16 Day SE MingMay. From your blog, it does seem like there was truly something in it for everyone!