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Accelerate digital transformation with IBM Wazi Developer

By Min Huang posted Fri April 16, 2021 04:11 AM

Lifestyle has changed since the emergence of COVID-19. People are staying home, working remotely from home, shopping online and so on. Although some industries such as accommodation are struggling due to the pandemic, it also brings new business opportunities to meet the in-home needs stimulated by the pandemic, for example, remote work environment, online training, and online medical care etc. To grasp the new business opportunities, IT technologies support is needed to deliver digital services rapidly.

If your workloads and applications are running on IBM Z®, you can also use the cloud native technologies to quickly develop and deliver your hybrid applications that contain z/OS® components with IBM® Wazi Developer. IBM Wazi Developer helps you accelerate the application development cycle by providing the following capabilities:

  • Without external help, you can rapidly self provision a virtual z/OS environment to develop and test z/OS applications.
  • Through rapid and graphical analysis, you can discover the relationships among z/OS application artifacts and quickly understand the impact of the changes
  • Use standard and platform-agnostic modern IDE to debug, edit, and build z/OS programs efficiently, including Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces, VS Code, and Eclipse IDE.
  • Define and automate the workflow of the application lifecycle with a CI/CD pipeline, from the building stage to the provisioning and deploying stages.

With IBM Developer, you can protect and optimize your investments on IBM Z, and enjoy stability and security of IBM Z as well as the agility and flexibility of cloud native technologies.

To learn more about IBM Wazi Developer, visit its product page and documentation.

To try out IBM Wazi Developer, sign up for the IBM hosted trial that is free of charge and installation.