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IBM Z OMEGAMON AI for Networks 6.1 Fix Pack 1


IBM Z OMEGAMON AI for Networks 6.1 Fix Pack 1/Language Pack 1, APAR OA65528 and PTF UJ94185 has now shipped.   

The enhancements provided in this deliverable include the following: 

  • TEP Application Globalization support
  • zERT Policy Enforcement reporting
  • zERT configuration reporting
  • DVIPA DNS Names support
  • Bookmarking support in e3270UI
  • Enhanced first workspace e3270UI

TEP Application Globalization Support:

         Globalization of TEP Application Support including workspaces, attributes, situations.  Support for 7 additional languages along with English:  Chinese, French, German, Italian, Japanese, Portuguese and Spanish

zERT Policy Enforcement reporting:

    New zERT Policy Sessions and zERT Policy Connections attribute groups return zERT Policy Enforcement data at session and connection level and new zERT Policy Enforcement e3270UI workspaces added alongside existing zERT summary workspaces.
zERT Configuration Reporting:
       TCP Collector workspace in e3270UI updated to report agent zERT collection status and TCP/IP zERT configuration status.
DVIPA DNS Names Support:
DVIPA attribute groups updated to return DNS Names for the source and destination Dynamic VIPAs and DVIPA e3270UI workspaces updated to report source and destination Dynamic VIPAs DNS names.
Bookmarking Support in e3270UI:
       Main workspaces in e3270UI can now be bookmarked for quick and easy access to the workspaces.  Saved bookmarks are reusable from any OMEGAMON product in the e3270UI.  Can be accessed directly via saved name or alias list.
Enhanced First Workspace:
      Default first workspace display in e3270UI updated to now report agent, TCP/IP, VTAM and Interface Status along with Application Health Status.  New alternate exceptions first workspace display now reports Application Health Status only like old first workspace.  Eliminates issue where default first workspace display provided no data creating confusion for users.