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Go ahead. Be picky! Import only the DBDs and PSBs that you want!

By Michelle Carey posted Fri March 04, 2022 12:10 PM


Have you ever needed to import a only subset of application package DBDs and/or PSBs from the IMS staging directory but had to wait until all of the application packages were ready to be imported? Too much waiting, right?

No more waiting--we have just the enhancement to help.

The IMS team enhanced the IMPORT DEFN SOURCE(CATALOG) command to support a NAME keyword so that you can selectively import application packages of DBDs and/or PSBs from the staging directory to the active directory when those packages are ready.  You can also specify one or more specific parameters and/or wildcard parameters.  This allows an ACBMBR online change user to more easily work in a managed ACBs environment. 

All the resources associated with the database DBD and/or program PSB resources specified on the NAME() keyword are also imported, except for GSAM. For GSAM DBDs and PSBs, only the named GSAM DBDs and PSBs are imported. For non-GSAM DBDs and PSBs, the NAME() keyword needs to specify only one DBD or PSB from the application package for the IMPORT command to import it and all of its associated DBDs and PSBs.

So how do you get this cool new IMS enhancement? It’s shipped as part of APAR PI83433/PTF UI65332. You can find more information about APAR PI83433 in the IMS documentation.

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Brought to you by the hard-working and visionary members of the IBM IMS Managed ACB development team.