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New IMS course: IMS System Programming in a DBCTL Environment

By Michelle Carey posted Fri February 26, 2021 05:00 PM


IMS System Programming in a DBCTL Environment - A new IMS self-paced digital course

This 17-hour intermediate course shows professional IBM IMS system programmers how to install, customize, and maintain an IMS Database Control (DBCTL) system that uses CICS.

You'll learn about relevant IMS architectural components for a DBCTL system, application flow between IMS databases and CICS, online change, system definition, image copy, logging, ODBA, ODBM, DBRC (and a lot more abbreviations!), troubleshooting, recovery, restart, and more.

After you finish this course, you should have a detailed knowledge of the combined system: CICS and the IMS database controller system and should be able to:

  • Understand DBCTL in an IMS environment
  • Design, install, and customize a DBCTL system according to application requirements
  • Perform basic system administration for an IMS system with DBCTL including the operating and optimization of a CICS and IMS database controller configuration

 Pass the course and get a digital badge!

DBCTL badge image