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New IMS course: IMS Diagnostics

By Michelle Carey posted Fri February 26, 2021 04:44 PM


Learn to be an IMS abend detective. Take the new IMS Diagnostics course and learn to solve those pesky problems!

Are you an IBM IMS professional and want to keep IMS humming? Do you want to learn how to tackle IMS problems such as abends, waits, loops, and failures? Then, this digital self-paced course is for you! Learn about IMS components where problems can hide, how to set up your system to capture first-failure data, and how to read those IMS dumps.

This self-paced, 9-hour intermediate course is primarily for IMS system programmers who are responsible for supporting IMS and diagnosing IMS problems. There is also some value for database administrators who need to learn how to diagnose IMS issues.


  • You should have a basic understanding of z/OS and have some experience using IMS
  • A basic knowledge of the Assembler language and reading hexadecimal values is beneficial but not required.
  • A moderate level of z/OS systems programming and z/OS operations knowledge is helpful. 


After you complete this course, you should be able to:

  • Understand the relationships between IMS components
  • Explain IBM's recommendations for IMS diagnostic setup
  • Understand the usage of the IMS Interactive Dump Formatter
  • Identify the key z/OS IPCS commands that are useful for IMS problem diagnostics
  • Describe and perform the methodology for debugging IMS abends
  • Describe and perform the methodology for debugging IMS waits and loops

Whether you're a system programmer, an IMS database administrator, or in any other role and just need useful information about how to pinpoint the cause of problems in IMS, you'll benefit from this course.

And if you pass the course, you'll get a digital badge!

IMS Diagnostics badge image