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Introducing our IBM Z Community Showcase - Meet Today’s Architects!


Introducing Today’s IBM Z Architects

Get to know the visionaries reimagining a future powered by the boundless potential of the mainframe.
In the ever-evolving landscape of technology, there is a group of visionaries who are fearlessly designing for the future by harnessing the power of the mainframe today. This is our IBM Z community—the leaders, dreamers, and innovators. The IBM Z & LinuxONE Community is notably among the largest and fastest growing IBM Communities with over 18,000 members around the world.
We are thrilled to announce the IBM Z Community Showcase, created to highlight our diverse, vibrant, sustainable, and skilled community of inspiring mainframers – Today’s Architects. You can view their incredible stories at our new Today’s Architects website: Our architects are global pacesetters representing a myriad of backgrounds, from large enterprise clients to disruptive startups, to forward-thinking students, nontraditional career reskillers, tech influencers, ecosystem partners and more. These inspiring members of our global community reflect today’s mainframe enthusiasts and deep pipeline of talent who drive transformation while showcasing innovative, leading-edge use cases around the IBM Z platform.

The IBM Z platform

Businesses around the world rely on hybrid cloud solutions to accelerate their AI competencies and drive innovation in a sustainable way. These hybrid environments involve the collaboration between technologies, and as organizations modernize their business, they’re leveraging the power of the mainframe as a key component of hybrid cloud.
The IBM Z platform is designed to help today’s technology leaders and visionary architects supercharge performance and capability. Globally, Celent estimates that 70% of bank, cards and payments transaction value runs on IBM Z environments. At this scale, modernizing applications and data on the platform could drive innovation across use cases for both business and IT operations.
In recent years, the skills landscape for IT has grown even more critical. Tech enthusiasts are recognizing the importance of learning IBM Z skills to give them a competitive edge in the workforce. For employers, engaging both traditional talent pipeline routes through universities and students, as well as nontraditional reskillers and new-collar talent, is crucial for building a sustainable, diverse workforce.

Meet the architects

That’s why we’re excited to introduce the IBM Z Community Showcase, spotlighting our Architects who are framing the future today. They are people from all walks of life across different roles and industries who jumpstarted their careers by diving into these highly sought-after IBM Z technical skills in today’s global job market.
We’ll hear from Architect leaders like Laticia Carrow, who will share her journey from hairstylist to Capacity Management Analyst and tech influencer. Then there’s Rituraj Mahato, a student studying in India at the Vellore Institute of Technology, who became an IBM Z Student Ambassador and IBM Z Champion. We also feature inspiring startups like finmarie, a female-founded fintech company in Germany, which utilizes IBM Z technology to help women unlock their investing potential.
With passion about leading edge enterprise computing and a drive for knowledge, you, too, can become a part of our tight-knit IBM Z community.

Join us at IBM Z Day – Register Today!

To learn more about our Architects’ inspiring personal career journeys and gain insights on trends and technical knowledge spanning Hybrid Cloud, AI, Quantum-Safe Security, and more, join us at IBM Z Day on 18 October 2023. Register today! This free, virtual 1-day conference features an exciting lineup of over 200 global thought leaders across 5 learning tracks designed for all skill levels and brings together our global, diverse, and skilled community of talent. There is something for everyone!
You can meet some of our Architects at IBM Z Day during my Keynote session at 12 PM ET, showcasing an inspirational panel of Today’s Architect’s. In addition, you can follow them throughout the event by selecting the Architect Journey, which provides a customized agenda and pathway to all of our many Architect sessions.
Register now for IBM Z Day and join over 22,000 already registered for the event! From students to nontraditional reskillers, and startups to enterprises, passion for the IBM Z platform brings us all together so that we can learn from each other, innovate, share, and connect with like-minded tech enthusiasts in our vibrant global community.
Be sure to check out the inspiring journeys of our Architects here:


Tue October 17, 2023 10:21 AM

Amazing work and great to meet all these innovative collaborators!