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Delivering CX: IBM and MuleSoft Connect the Back and Front Office


Collaboration combines the unparalleled performance of IBM Z with the integration power of MuleSoft

As CIOs and CMOs around the globe know: digital transformation and true customer experience are fueled by accurate information. If you don't have a solid data and application integration strategy, it’s virtually impossible to deliver exceptional customer experiences. To that end, MuleSoft and IBM have combined their strengths to provide superior value to their joint clients, enabling the sharing of real-time information with consuming applications and end-users. Now, MuleSoft interfaces seamlessly with IBM Z Digital Integration Hub, making it easier for enterprises to integrate core business applications on the mainframe with MuleSoft.

With IBM Z Digital Integration Hub and MuleSoft together, you can now:

  • Deliver real-time information across the enterprise
  • Accelerate integration between back office and front office systems
  • Create customer 360 experiences faster by connecting data to platforms like Salesforce
  • Achieve faster time to value and optimize costs

Today, 85 of the world’s top 100 banks run on IBM Z, IBM's mainframe platform used for transaction processing, credit cards, and digital payments. IBM, the leader in back office banking, combined with MuleSoft’s agile API workflows will securely bring that information to the front office customer engagement layer.

The IBM Z Digital Integration Hub consists of real-time intraday caches, pre-built templates for optimal integration with these core systems of record, as well as automation for accelerated time to value. Because the zDIH solution runs on attractively priced zIIP processors, clients can achieve cost optimizations by directing the increasing and unpredictable inquiry traffic to zDIH caches rather than directly to the core systems. The information in the zDIH caches is served up through standard interfaces such as JDBC and ODBC, REST, and Kafka events for efficient connectivity with MuleSoft.

As a leading unified platform for integration, API management, and automation, MuleSoft complements the IBM Z Digital Integration Hub by enabling customers to share current information stored in the Z Digital Integration Hub via reusable APIs that can then be easily integrated into any front-end application with clicks, not code. In so doing, MuleSoft delivers seamless creation of digital experiences for faster time to value. MuleSoft can correlate and synchronize across multiple core systems and digital engagement for a richer digital experience. In addition, MuleSoft advances ecosystem expansion with out-of-the-box industry accelerators and platforms, such as Salesforce.

“MuleSoft and IBM together can provide large institutions exactly what they have been searching for -- real-time information across the enterprise for superior digital experiences without disrupting back-office systems,” says Dan McAllister, SVP, Global Alliances & Channels, MuleSoft.

Together IBM Z Digital Integration Hub and MuleSoft enable financial institutions to benefit from highly performant on-prem mainframe technology with the power of hybrid cloud innovation:

  • Real-time information flow at scale between Systems of Record and hybrid cloud applications
  • Faster development of hybrid cloud applications
  • Agile, flexible interaction with core systems
  • Incremental application modernization while avoiding disruption to core systems
  • Self-service for business analysts without impacting core systems
  • Optimize costs by separating inquiry traffic from core transaction processing

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