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Dr. Sassi's Top 10 Fav StudentX Episodes from 2021

By Melissa Sassi posted Thu December 30, 2021 10:47 AM


Lella and I had an amazing year of fun with our 2021 StudentX show! We hope you enjoyed the content, learnings, and speakers as much as we did when we decided to put StudentX together and kept it going throughout the year. This year was all about delivering meaningful and actionable content that has been all about the student…for students, with students, and by students.

All our shows served as a series of intergenerational dialogues between practitioners and seasoned thought leaders paired with students from all over the world.

Did you know we had 20 episodes, 50 guest speakers, 3 special events, collaborated with 15 organizations, and welcomed 3,500 members to the IBM Z Global Student Hub? If you are not yet a member, here’s your chance to register and ensure you do not miss all the fun planned for 2022.

As I think about closing out 2021 and preparing for 2022, I think about the signature moments from the year and what stood out to me as special opportunities to learn, reflect, adapt, and keep doing the thing. To save you the trouble of looking of looking for the standout shows from our StudentX series, I’ve curated a list of my ten favs. Check them out below so you can close out 2021 and kickoff 2022 with inspiration and a fire to go out and do your thing…whatever that thing may be!

Dr. Sassi’s Top 10 Favorite StudentX Episodes from 2021

  1. StudEntX 2021 Wrapped
  2. So, You’re Going to a Tech Conference, Your Checklist to Success
  3. Neurodiversity Acceptance Month Celebration: brought to you by IBM Z
  4. Z4GlobalGoals: Peace
  5. Z4GlobalGoals: Prosperity
  6. Z4GlobalGoals: People
  7. Your Not-so-Secret Ticket to Becoming a Z Ambassador
  8. Rocking Your Mindset
  9. Hack4Space Awards Ceremony: Powered by DePaul University & IBM Z
  10. Rock Your CV with the Power of Hackathons

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See ya in 2022!

Melissa Sassi
Chief Penguin, IBM Z