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Global Goals Week - An Action-Packed Recap

By Melissa Sassi posted 17 days ago


 “Young people have the power to change the world, so we need to be unapologetically ourselves and come together to make the world a better place.”
– Lella Halloum, IBM Z Intern & Princess Diana Award Recipient

Missed out on #Z4GlobalGoals action last week? Want to relive some of the amazing sessions? Click on in and have a listen to our intergenerational panels focused on how YOU can impact your communities, schools, family, and friends to build towards solving the UN Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Each session has a focus on a different grouping of these SDGs to enable you to dive deeper into something that sparks your passion and purpose. Perhaps ignite a new passion to fuel your tech4good learning journey with inspiration for a brand-new volunteer opportunity to consider.

Expect five sessions that cover each cluster of the SDGs:

  • No Poverty: #1
  • No Hunger: #2
  • Good Health and Well-being: #3
  • Quality Education: #4
“I believe good health is essential for a successful life. You cannot do anything, like having a good education, without being well in your mental and in your physical self”
– Muhoza Liane Mutoaganzwa, YouthLead Ambassador

“Without understanding the world in which we live, we won’t be able to shape it” – Davide Storti (UNESCO professional with a focus on life-long learning, especially in the computer science field).
- Davide Storti, UNESCO

Check out the People episode of #Z4GlobalGoals now.

  • Clean Water and Sanitation: #6
  • Responsible Consumption and Production: #12
  • Climate Action: #13
  • Life Below Water: #14
  • Life on Land: #15

“For me, Climate Action is the most important SDG. Climate Issues are not just about a small town or city; it is a global issue.”
– Kushal Naharki, YouthLead Ambassador

“We have to start with one thing: everyone is a creator…how can we create ways where everyone can eat.”
– Gail Carter, UN Representative for the SDGs and Founder of TheCreators2030

Check out the Planet episode of #Z4GlobalGoals now.

  • Affordable and Clean Energy: #7
  • Decent Work and Economic Growth: #8
  • Industry, Innovation and Infrastructure: #9
  • Sustainable Cities and Communities: #11
“The world is not engineered correctly...we need to think about building from the ground up, from the invisible woman.”
– Steve Johanns, BIDC

“The thing I’m most motivated by is the way that young people have demonstrated their understanding of how we’re all within an interconnected system.”

– Sarah Sladen, Making Cents International explaining

Check out the Prosperity episode of #Z4GlobalGoals now.

  • Gender Equality: #5
  • Reduced Inequalities: #10
  • Peace, Justice and Strong Institutions: #16
“We cannot go alone. Peace is not only a principle, but an enabler.”
– Dr. Loly Gaitan, International Telecommunication Union, EQUALS

“We are all connected … How are you using that opportunity to improve your community?”

– Shannon Wright Vaughn, YouthLead Alumni

Check out the Peace episode of #Z4GlobalGoals now

  • Partnerships for the Goals: #17

“One of our new objectives [at USAID] is about participation and the importance of the youth voice in that decision making.”
– Hillary Taft, USAID

“When I was working at the grassroots level...had there been no partnerships, I would have been lost.”
– Nandini Tanya Lallmon YouthLead Ambassador

Check out the Partnerships eposode of #Z4GlobalGoals now

Stay tuned in our IBM Z Student Hub to learn more ways you can begin to make the world a better place by building your own skills. Be sure to register to stay updated on what’s going on!

That 5th P (Partnership) certainly rings true around here! Check out some of our amazing collaborator websites to get involved in the amazing work they are doing! While you're at it, read more about the SDGs.

On behalf of the entire IBM Z StudentX team, we hope you enjoyed learning more about the SDGs and discovering how you can put your tech4good passion to work in your daily routine.

Your Chief Penguin, 

Melissa Sassi
Student & Entrepreneur Experience