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2 Free & Virtual Enterprise Computing Learning Journeys: JUST FOR YOU!

By Melissa Sassi posted Thu April 01, 2021 04:50 PM


Ok, so you have decided that enterprise computing might be something you want to explore as a potential career journey, now what do you do?

We have created two free (YES, FREE!), virtual (YES, YOU CAN DO THESE ANYWHERE!), and self-paced (YES, YOU CAN ROCK & ROLL SOLO!) pathways to help you discover the necessary building blocks for two specific enterprise computing roles: (1) IBM Z Application Developer, and (2) Z Systems Administrator.

Did I mention that enterprise computing roles are paid more than typical IT roles, and we got this information from Forrester! Another exciting truth!

In our video where we introduced you to enterprise computing, you heard about more exciting truths, such as favorable work-life balance, the opportunity to work on cutting edge and innovative technology solutions, connections to tech for good volunteerism associated with your passion for making the world a better place, supportive networks within enterprise computing that enable you to continue along in your lifelong journey, as well as being enabled to fulfil your career growth objectives (Forrester, 2020).

Did I mention that you can also earn e-badges through our hands-on learning pathways that you can showcase to your peers, educators, family, and future employers by sharing them in your social media channels? Feel free to use the hashtag #IBMZBadge or tag us whenever you land any of the coveted IBM Z badges.

Who’s Ready to Take the Plunge?

What’s Coming Next?

Once you complete these learning journeys, we have another set of courses that are also free. Look out for the next round of training in an upcoming blog that will be brought to you by IBM Z and Interskill.

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What are the necessary skills of real entry-level jobs in enterprise computing? Learn who’s hiring and where new applicants are being requested. Here’s a search we created for you to begin your search.

Keep the Conversation Going!

Use the discussion board in the Student Hub to share more about your learning journey or if you have any questions as you get through the material. WE WILL ANSWER!

See you on the Student Hub!

Melissa Sassi
Chief Penguin, IBM Z
Student & Entrepreneur Experience