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The Human Code: Dance | Sing | Write | Code Change the World


Who says you must choose between the arts and technology? Who says you must be this OR that? Why not be an AND? Join all the ANDs from around the world to explore all the ANDs that make us special & the culture that brings us to life.

Join our hosts, Melissa Sassi and Manuj Aggarwal, as we take you through an exploratory and experiential event aimed at demystifying computer science through the arts. We'll dance, sing, write, code, create, learn, and CHANGE THE WORLD.


Collaborating organizations include Terence Lewis (celebrity choreographer and Bollywood dancer), Zappa Trust (Hollywood musical legend), TIDAL (Jay-Z’s streaming service), IEEE (largest engineering organization on the planet), SAVe Foundation, Digital Empowerment Foundation, Caribbean Girls Hack, among others.

Oh, and did I mention that The Human Code is free, virtual & the kickoff of an amazing 2021 series.

Dance & Create
We will begin the session by showcasing the tie between computational thinking and dance with acclaimed Bollywood choreographer and dancer, Terence Lewis, as we discuss the tie between dance, choreography, and computational thinking.

Who wants to see Terence learn some coding moves while we are at it? US!

Get your feet tapping and dancing shoes ready as Terence teaches us dance and you participate from home in a private lesson inspired by the power of technology.

Who has their dancing shoes ready yet?

Sing & Create
Who doesn't want to see a real machine learning model that takes existing song lyrics and evolves them through the power of IBM Z? In this session, we will be joined by Tanmay Bakshi, tech influencer & IBMer, Ty Roberts, Strategic Partnerships – TIDAL (yes, Jay-Z’s streaming service!), and Melissa Sassi, Chief Penguin – IBM Z as they discuss the power of IBM Z's machine learning technology to support musicians in their journey to tapping into the role tech can play to advance human creativity.

Get your singing voices ready to sign along from home at our IBM Z jam session with Elena Coats (did someone say PLATINUM?!) and our very own IBM Z Developer Advocate, Samar Baba! They will be singing the lyrics produced by Tanmay’s ML magic.

Write & Create
Calling all spoken word poets. Join spoken word poet Mahrukh Dumasia as we take you through a relaxing and emotional journey into a poem titled The Human Code, which she crafted especially for the event. Experience Terence Lewis’ Dance Company’s translation of The Human Code into dance – a poem and dance inspired by the feelings a developer or artist gets inside when their creation comes to life.

Code Poetry
Join Adam Ring, founder of a Parisian spoken word poetry collective, and Patience Andrew, founder of a Lagos, Nigeria-based creative commune, as they inspire you with spoken word poetry magic and maybe a bit of on-screen magic. We will conclude the poetry section of the event with IBM’s own Brian Hugenbruch, IBM Z security expert, as he executes a real code poem before your eyes. Yes, it REALLY works!

Code & Create
Get your computer ready as we take you through a cruise around an IBM Z machine. Never coded before? No problem! Never used an IBM Z machine, still not a problem! Are you an expert? ...again, no problem. All are welcome.

Come learn new skills and code with us! Don't be afraid if you have never coded before! We will walk you through everything. Follow along from home in our introduction to a platform where you can learn new coding skills and languages by Jeff Bisti, IBM Z expert. Jeff might even get his guitar out for a jam or two.

By completing Level 1 of the platform, we will provide two meals to children in need via the World Food Programme’s #ShareTheMeal.

Create! Create! Create!
Stories have the power to emotionally transform ourselves, transport us into different lands, and inspire us to act. We welcome one of Microsoft's Master Storytellers and best-selling author of Brand Storytelling, Miri Rodriguez, who will empower us with the skills to tell our own stories to drive action and change in the world.

We’ll even weave storytelling into tech by sharing a series of coding stories that reflect upon why four of our panelists decided to learn computer science. What inspired them to learn to code, what are they currently creating, and how have technology skills transformed their lives into a more meaningful life.

Leave this session telling YOUR CODING STORY that compels your audience to act.

Our goal with this session is to inspire new and different people to explore careers in tech - people from nontraditional backgrounds and journeys - through the power of storytelling and inspiration on making the impossible possible.

Creating Cultural Heritage
Software source code is a cultural heritage, and it must be preserved and archived like works of fine art, musical wonders, and creations from master inventors. Join this thought-provoking fireside chat as we discuss the role that software source code plays in the preservation of cultural heritage. You can read more about this movement, or what we refer to as the Paris Call here.

Dance | Sing | Write | Code | Change the World

Free, virtual & open for everyone! See you there.

Melissa Sassi
Chief Penguin, IBM Z
Student & Entrepreneur Experience