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Preventing Death and Sufferings Caused by Medical Errors: Powered by IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator

By Melissa Sassi posted Fri November 27, 2020 02:48 PM


Business Challenge

Can you imagine gambling with Patient Identity?
Imagine entering a patient's name in the hospital system and hoping that you get the medical records of the right patient.

It’s a scary proposition but unfortunately, it happens every day and the problem increases exponentially when you factor in pandemics like COVID-19. Patient misidentification is identified as a root cause of many medical errors, contributing to 134 million patient harm events and 2.6 million deaths each year around the world.


About Liber Health

Liber Health is the first-of-its-kind patient identity blockchain network which uses patient biometrics for identification, privacy and health data transfers. The solution utilizes safe and contactless IRIS scans to identify patients and fetch medical records during the entire healthcare process, including registration, emergency, drug administration, and drug infusions.

Liber Health is both a standalone solution for patient identification and also an extension of the existing hospital systems and electronic medical record (EMR) systems for health data interoperability. 

To help flatten the curve, Liber Health has also launched contactless iris attendance and Covid prescreening for frontline workers, especially for medical practitioners.


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"Being part of the IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator Program has given us access to technical expertise and connections we never had before. The team is super responsive, co-operative and has great ideas when it comes to innovation and growth hacking. It’s no wonder that IBM is at the forefront of bringing people together and collaborating for positive social impact."

  - Syed Abrar Ahmed, CEO & Co-founder, Liber Health Inc.


Digital Transformation

When it comes to moving sensitive and confidential data to the cloud, especially in Healthcare, customers require the use of their own data encryption keys and want to be assured that no one has access to these keys. Liber Health leverages IBM Cloud® Hyper Protect DBaaS which offers 100% tamper-proof, enterprise cloud database environments with high availability for workloads with sensitive data. It is built on LinuxONE technology, which provides built-in data encryption along with excellent vertical scalability and performance. This combined with other IBM Cloud services has allowed them to achieve compliance readiness for multiple standards including GDPR, HIPAA and ISO.


Empowers healthcare providers and patients by liberating health records from data silos.

Secures personal and health data with privacy-first approaches and highest standards in the industry.

Saves healthcare providers $millions lost due to identity thefts/frauds, denied claims and duplicate medical records.

Solution Components


Take the Next Step


IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator empowers early-stage fintech, healthtech, and insurtech founders with solutions that collect, store, and/or transmit sensitive customer data. We recruit startups from across the globe that are less than $1M in revenue and less than five years old to build and scale their businesses through access to IBM Cloud credits and business and technical mentorship. Learn more here.

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