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Class of 2020: IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator powered by IBM LinuxONE


IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator History
On June 12, 2019, we launched IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator, a new tech startup program designed to build and scale the next generation of fintech and healthtech companies with solutions engineered to keep their sensitive data highly secured.

Our entire organization has been incredibly excited to see so many high-quality applications from the startup scene. As I created our application heat map, I was thrilled to see applications pour in from 42 countries!

IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services

Every day, we hear about security breaches involving millions of customer records and leaks of sensitive data. We launched IBM Hyper Protect Accelerator to empower startups with game-changing security and encryption solutions, while helping them drive innovation and scale. We plan to arm the Class of 2020 with solutions such as IBM Cloud Hyper Protect Services powered by LinuxONE. Our goal is to help startups keep their most sensitive data safe by providing the highest level of security, uptime, and availability.


The Class of 2020 Selection Criteria

The Class of 2020 was selected based on a comprehensive review across a set of standardized criteria by an expert panel of IBM and Queen City Fintech peers, with a lens on each startup’s team, value proposition, mission, problem statement, vision, target market, business and economic model, and technical roadmap.


The Class of 2020 Benefits

Each startup will receive IBM Cloud credits of up to $120,000, an in-person workshop in the United States, ongoing technical and business mentorship, business value design assistance, access to IBM’s network of partners, customers, and stakeholder groups, go-to-market support, and co-marketing collaboration.

The Class of 2020 Collaborators 

The Class of 2020 will also work with IBM collaborators, including IBM Alpha Zone, Queen City Fintech, MEDICI, the Society of Physician Entrepreneurs, and Female Founders Alliance, and Healthtech Women to help our cohort develop their ideas into sustainable and scalable companies.  

The Class of 2020

The Class of 2020 consists of fifteen fintech, healthtech, and insurtech startups from nine countries, including Canada, Germany, India, Ireland, Kenya, Pakistan, United Arab Emirates, United Kingdom, and United States.

We want to take this opportunity to congratulate the Class of 2020!

Azaad Health is a Pakistan-based patient-centered health data exchange network and platform powered by blockchain that aims to revolutionize patient data.

BioTrillion is a United States-based healthtech startup focused on innovating novel digital biomarkers that aim to more effectively scale and detect diseases earlier and develop drugs faster.

bleu is a United States-based startup that developed a wireless payment solution using Bluetooth with a focus on rural, underserved, and unconnected communities.

Cube Wealth is an India-based global investor marketplace that enables anyone, anywhere to invest in the fastest growing economies in the world.

encore is a UAE and Pakistan-based fintech startup that serves as a multi-service digital payment platform for 80+ financial services and customer segments.

Fostrum is a Canada-based e-bank focused on unlocking credit potential with under-used data to support small and medium digital businesses with financing solutions.

Galen Data is a United States-based healthtech AI-powered cloud platform for medical devices, telemedicine, and remote diagnosis…powered by AI.

Home Lending Pal is a United States-based mortgage underwriting solution that reduces time to buy via its AI chatbot and success rate indicators.

MotionsCloud is a German insurtech startup that helps car and home insurance companies streamline and automate claims processes using AI computer vision, mobile, and video communication technologies with clients in the US, Central Europe, and Southeast Asia.

myAllergy is a United Kingdom-based platform that connects people with restaurants, pharma companies, and doctors for food allergy, intolerance, and dietary restriction data.

Privakey is a United States-based secure customer engagement platform focused on fraud and transaction security, identify and access management, and user-centric marketing technology.

PX Pulse is a United States-based AI health startup that helps hospitals create predictive, proactive, and personalized patient experience while enhancing their reputation, reimbursements, and resource efficiency.

Verge.Capital is a Ireland-based startup reinventing credit scoring within the EU, using AI, ML, and behavioral modeling technology.

is a Kenya-based fintech startup focused on remittances and aims to reduce complexity, time, and fees, while deploying mobile money.

Well Kept Beauty is a United States-based telehealth app and service for skincare that combines medical and at-home care with imaging and doctor diagnosis.

What's Next?!

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