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Zowe: A Modern Gateway to Z

By Mehmet Alp Sumer posted Thu April 16, 2020 06:54 AM

Hello all!It has been only several months since I graduated, and started my Z journey. It is a fact, this is a whole new world even I graduated as "computer engineer". Not so long after I got to know Z, I was amazed with its capabilities and the role it played in the world; but also surprised to have never heard of it.This situation made me question mainframes to be very closed platforms, but Open Mainframe Project proved it wrong right away. I found Zowe to be a modern, therefore familiar gateway to the mainframe world. It opens doors to so many possibilities from applying DevOps practises on mainframes, to attract young developers (me!) to work with mainframes with graphical user interfaces. But that’s not all! Did you know that you can develop any kind of client applications using Zowe’s API Mediation Layer? I have created a mobile app that you can use to connect to Mainframe, and published a detailed tutorial about it recently. You can check more details about it by following the links below.IBM Developer - Tutorial:
Medium blog: is open.Stay safe!