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Basic Principles of Design: A Collaboration of Adobe and IBM (Course and Badge)

By maryam matin posted Fri November 26, 2021 02:35 PM


It's been amazing learning together design and technology as they are interlinked. I am always passionate about design and making myself creative to apply the skills on designing products. It helps us to discover and show as the balance between design and tech.

Combining Design and Technology: the Future of Strategic Thinking
“There is an even deeper relationship between strategy and design, which produces more memorable, more significant results. Creative design isn’t an appendage of the brands’ strategies. Essentially, design is strategy and strategy is design.”
John Maeda
Changing the way of thinking: design as an integral part of the innovation process

Explore these topics:

  • Using visual emphasis and contrast
  • Applying color in design
  • Implementing visual balance in design
  • Applying proportion in design
  • Applying the rule of thirds in design
  • Using alignment and proximity in design
  • Creating a sense of cohesion in design through repetition
  • Applying consistency in design