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Start Your Quantum-Safe Journey with IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence

By Mark Indermaur posted Tue April 05, 2022 07:04 AM

Today, our team announced a new cryptographic discovery feature in IBM Application Discovery and Delivery Intelligence (ADDI) v6.1 to support the quantum-safe cryptography of the IBM z16!
Understand what may be at risk
Since public key cryptography algorithms will be completely broken and private key and hashing algorithms' strength will be cut in half once sufficiently powerful quantum computers are available, organizations are planning to adopt quantum-safe algorithms that are resistant to attacks from both classical and quantum computers. It is important to start now, because adversaries can attempt "harvest now, decrypt later" attacks to collect and save sensitive data to decrypt later when they get access to a powerful enough quantum computer.
Discover cryptographic calls in your COBOL applications
Applications use cryptography in many ways: to protect data, generate digital signatures, exchange keys, create hashes, and even to generate random numbers. On z/OS, applications typically access these capabilities by placing calls to the Integrated Cryptographic Service Facility (ICSF).
With ADDI v6.1, you can discover where your COBOL applications are making ICSF calls. If you are using a custom cryptographic abstraction layer, you can configure ADDI to also discover calls to that crypto layer. For each of these calls, you can discover the potential values of critical call parameters to determine which crypto algorithms and what length keys are being used.  For example, in this code from a COBOL application, ADDI will discover the encipher and decipher calls along with the potential values of parameters like the rule array:

Plan to update your cryptography
Your security and application development teams can use the information that ADDI discovers to inventory your use of cryptography and then plan which applications to update first to leverage the new IBM z16 quantum-safe algorithms.
Since IBM has introduced quantum-safe cryptography with the z16 and we enhanced ADDI with cryptographic discovery, you can start your quantum-safe migration now!
To learn more, please watch this ADDI crypto demonstration video, and to explore ADDI yourself, please use our Z Trial.
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Tue May 31, 2022 06:53 PM

ADDI v6.1 is now available and you can read about all the new features in Accelerating application modernization and enabling quantum safety with IBM ADDI V6.1.0.

To learn more about quantum-safe cryptography, please see the new Redbook that we also published today Transitioning to Quantum-Safe Cryptography on IBM Z.