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Client Communications Newsletter - August 2023


Just about every business we engage with is in some type of journey regarding a platform approach to data and AI. AI has fundamentally changed the way we work today and generative AI looms large as breakthroughs in writing fine tuned software code, discover new molecules, and train trustworthy conversational chatbots grounded on enterprise data are at our finger tips within IBM Research. IBM’s watsonx will be IBM’s most powerful platform for our clients on their journey to deliver a generative AI and data platform.


The IBM Integrated Accelerator for AI (AIU) is an on-chip AI accelerator available on the IBM Telum chip that is part of IBM z16 and LinuxONE 4 servers. Our zStack teams have already shifted their focus to the enterprise-ready AI and data platform, watsonx, as well as the AIU to help clients build and train models on our platform. A great example and POC that’s underway with a startup that is using IBM’s Weather Company’s API, field data, and other weather data points to generate rain at large scale without using chemicals. Current rainmaking technology relies on weather forecast, toxic chemicals, and limited control. The POC is using big data analytics running on a LinuxONE Emperor 4 to provide hyper-localized modeling dedicated to rainmaking with zero pollution, precision control, in a sustainable manner to help with rainmaking, hail intervention, and forest fires, to name a few. 


Many exciting events are happening in the second half with SHARE New Orleans quickly approaching this month followed by the IBM TechXchange Conference taking place September 11-14 in Las Vegas.


-   Brian Milkes, Vice President of Z Mainframe Hardware and Software Sales



We look forward to seeing you at SHARE New Orleans on August 13-18 for five full days of unmatched education, face-to-face networking opportunities, and live technical sessions. Minutes away from the historic French Quarter, Arts District, the Mississippi Riverfront, and more, SHARE New Orleans is the place to be this August.


Make sure to stop by the IBM Z reception on August 14! More info below:

SHARE NOLA Lunch and Learns

All sessions are on a first-come, first-served basis, exclusive for IBM customers and partners. Seating and meals are limited.


Monday, August 14 | 12:30 pm - 1:30 pm | Empire D

AI: the ultimate business game-changer. Join us as we unleash the secrets of generative AI and foundation models, and tangible use cases on IBM z16

Hosted by Elpida Tzortzatos, IBM Fellow - CTO AI for IBM Z and z/OS

Are you confused about terms like Generative AI and Foundation Models? Curious about how a business can implement scalable AI models that provide value while guaranteeing data security and governance? Interested in how to maximize skills, resources, and efficiencies in this process? Join us to uncover the latest capabilities in foundation models and governance. Discover how these advancements are empowering companies to combat fraud, detect money laundering, assess the impacts of climate change, and more.


Tuesday, August 15 | 12:00 pm - 1:00 pm | Empire D

Increasing Operational Resilience with IBM Z

Hosted by Anastasiia Didkovska, Product Manager for zResiliency & Dave Clitherow, GDPS Offering Manager

The business landscape is changing rapidly. The regulators introduce new and more strict requirements to ensure business continuity. This session explains what operational resilience is and how you can advance it using IBM portfolio. We will cover such topics as Flexible Capacity for Cyber Resilience, GDPS, Cyber Vault, and System Recovery Boost (SRB).

Upcoming Events

  • August 9 | IBM CICS Insight Series – Lifting the Lid on CICS Temporary Storage | Virtual | LINK
  • August 13-18 | SHARE New Orleans | New Orleans, LA | LINK
  • August 17 | IBM LinuxONE Summer Series: Sustainability Without Compromise | Webcast | LINK
  • August 24 | IBM Z Security Briefing | Washington, DC | LINK
  • September 11-14 | IBM TechXchange Conference 2023 | Las Vegas, NV | LINK

Tech Corner

By Gregory Sechuga

IBM watsonx

IBM watsonx is a new AI and data platform that will enable enterprises to scale and accelerate the impact of the most advanced AI with trusted data [1]IBM watsonx comprises three powerful products:

  • The fit-for-purpose data store is built on an open data lakehouse architecture.
  • The studio delivers tools for the new foundation models, generative AI, and machine learning.
  • The watsonx.governance toolkit accelerates the creation of AI workflows that are built with responsibility, transparency, and explainability [2].

IBM watsonx is designed to multiply the impact of AI across businesses. The platform provides self-service access to high-quality, trustworthy data, enabling users to collaborate on a single platform where they can build and refine both new, generative AI foundation models as well as traditional machine learning systems [2].

IBM watsonx has been designed for business use cases that unlock new value. The early use cases that IBM has identified range from digital labor, IT automation, application modernization, and security to sustainability [2].

IBM watsonx has also partnered with Hugging Face to provide datasets and models built on Hugging Face’s open-source libraries within [3]. IBM Consulting has completed dozens of client engagements infusing generative AI with IBM Watson and a portfolio of ecosystem partners through its proven IBM Garage method.

Why is watsonx important for your business?

The key reason why watsonx is very important to you as an IBM Z client is that your core transactional systems and data are on IBM Z. The transactional data are essential to understand the current state of the business and your customer's behavior. These are the most important data for implementing the enterprise data lakehouse strategy, ML and AI applications for predicting behavior, identifying security-related and other patterns, and optimizing user experience. products for IBM Z and are available today. Stay tuned for the introduction and more detailed discussions of and watsonx.governance later this year.


1. IBM Unveils the Watsonx Platform to Power Next-Generation Foundation Models for Business

2. Introducing Watsonx: The future of AI for business 

3.IBM takes on AWS, Google, and Microsoft with Watsonx