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Client Communications Newsletter - March 2023




The IBM zSystems team could not be more excited to host your clients at SHARE Atlanta on March 5-8. So make sure you ask them to stop by the IBM booth to interact with our subject matter experts, join our Lunch & Learn sessions and reserve their spot for a great time at the IBM zSystems client reception at STATS Brewpub.


Join us at the IBM booth #135 to interact with the new IBM z16, the IBM Storage Virtual demonstration, and engage with our experts on the following topics:

  • Modernize with hybrid cloud
  • Linux on IBM Z
  • Predict for Increased Decision Velocity
  • Journey to AIOps
  • Secure Sensitive Data on IBM zSystems
  • Cyber Resiliency for Business Continuity

Tech Corner


According to a recent report Uptime Institute Global Data Center Survey Results 2022sustainability, the cost of outages, and the vulnerability of cloud applications to outages (despite the growing reliability of the cloud platforms) are the top concerns of our clients.


In order to quantify the value of IBM z16 and LinuxONE 4 power efficiency and sustainability advantages, IBM offers a LinuxONE TCO and CO2e Calculator. This tool can help IBM clients easily understand – in the context of Total Cost of Ownership (TCO) – the power savings and sustainability consequences of consolidating existing Linux x86 workloads on LinuxONE or choosing LinuxONE instead of x86 to run new workloads.


Published on November 30 ITIC 2022 Global Server Reliability Survey once again finds IBM zSystems to be the most reliable and secure enterprise server platform with “96% of IBM Z mainframes and LinuxONE III server customers recorded seven nines (99.99999%) of true fault tolerant reliability and availability”, “0.0043 minutes of per server unplanned monthly outages or just 3.15 seconds of unplanned per server downtime annually”.


The data from one hundred IBM client engagements over the last 18 months (you can request a custom analysis of your IT solutions here) show that on average Linux workloads from forty x86 servers (about 2,000 cores) can be consolidated on a single LinuxONE machine with 200 IFLs. If we apply the ITIC survey data to estimate the potential savings resulting from the higher reliability of IBM zSystems compared to the most reliable x86 servers (with server outage of 1.10 minutes per month), we will get $881,672 in annual cost avoidance per each LinuxONE box:


It is worth noting that cost avoidance is an additional benefit that is not part of TCO analysis that accounts only for hardware, software, infrastructure maintenance, administration labor costs, and other data center operational expenses.


Also, the above estimate is more on the conservative side of the range. If we use an alternative source of the cost of a data center outage, for example, the Ponemon Institute Cost of Data Center Outages report from 2016 (see page 14 of the document that states the mean per-minute cost of unplanned outage of $8,851), then the cost avoidance benefits of LinuxONE derived from its higher availability would be even greater:


Unfortunately, the most recent Ponemon Institute report from 2021 does not have data on per-minute downtime costs. Also, as the authors of the Ponemon reports stated (see page 19 in the 2016 report and page 13 in the 2021 report), these are non-statistical results because of what, how, and how much data was collected, so they are rather representative and good only as an illustration of what a data center outage might cost to the business.


This means that our clients should expect the annual cost avoidance benefits of each LinuxONE box over an equivalent by capacity x86-based infrastructure solution to be somewhere between $0.8M and $4.7M.


Upcoming Events


  • SHARE Atlanta 2023 | 3/5 – 3/8 | Atlanta, GA | LINK
  • IBM zSystems - Proactively Identify Workload Anomalies that Could Indicate an Outage is Brewing | 3/14 | LINK
  • IBM CICS Insight Series – Exploring the Uses of Region Tagging in CICS TS 6.1 | 3/15 | LINK
  • Preview of Upcoming z/OS Updates Webinar | 3/21 | LINK
  • IBM MQ z/OS Performance & SMF Evaluation Wildfire Workshop – Paramus, NJ | 3/21 – 3/22 | LINK
  • Using Python AI Toolkit for IBM z/OS to Leverage Open Source with IBM Supply Chain Security | 3/22 | LINK
  • Blowing Away Your Z Compliance Worries | 3/23 | LINK
  • IBM zSystems Better Together – Be more efficient in resolving critical operational issues through integration | 3/23 | LINK
  • Db2 for z/OS: REST and Hybrid Cloud Wildfire Workshop – Coppell, TX | 3/28 | LINK
  • IBM HW Infrastructure Client Workshop – Herndon, VA | 3/29 | LINK
  • Modernizing IMS: Cloud Native IMS Provisioning and Application Development with the IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Stack | 3/29 | LINK
  • IDG CIO Virtual Roundtable Series: Enterprise Strategies for Server Consolidation to Achieve Cost Optimization and Green IT Objectives | 4/6 | LINK TBA
  • IBM LinuxONE and Linux on Z Showcase – NYC | 4/26 | LINK