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Client Communications Newsletter - October 2022

By Madeline Deal posted Mon October 03, 2022 05:18 PM



IBM continues investing big in zSystems,  given the new announcements in technology, digital education, and skills growth. This month’s newsletter provides you with a closer look at our recent announcements, links to both digital and face-to-face education, and an updated route for zSystems careers. We have made it simple to keep you up to date with our zSystems Client Innovation & Strategy community. Please make sure to join and stay informed, as the community is your landing spot to gather, discuss, collaborate and co-create all things zSystems.

Upcoming Events

Client Events

  • IBM z16 Innovation Roundtable | 10/5/2022 | Atlanta, GA | Link
  • IBM z16 Innovation Roundtable | 10/13/2022 | Chicago, IL | Link
  • IBM z16 Innovation Roundtable | 10/20/2022 | Minneapolis, MN | Link
  • IBM z16 Innovation Roundtable | 10/252022 | Toronto, CA | Link
  • Wildfire Immersion Workshop: z/OS Connect Introduction | 10/3/2022 | Digital | Link
  • Wildfire Immersion Workshop: z/OS Pervasive Encryption Deep Dive | 10/25 – 10/26 | Digital | Internal link only
  • IMS Insight Series Event – New Functions in IMS: 2020-Current | 10/5/2022 | Digital | Link
  • New York Z Customer Council | 10/6/2022 | New York, NY | Link
  • IBM zSystems AIOps User Group | 10/12/2022 | Durham, NC | Link
  • IBM zSystems AIOps User Group | 10/18/2022 | New York, NY | Link
  • IBM zSystems AIOps User Group | 10/20/2022 | Chicago, IL  | Link
  • IBM zSystems Premier | 11/1-11/3 | Phoenix, AZ | Link


  • Gartner IT Infra & Cloud Summit | 12/5-12/8 | Las Vegas, NV | Link
  • Gartner ITXPO Symposium | 10/17-10/20 | Orlando, FL | Link


  • What are the top 7 considerations you should make for workload placement on IBM zSystems? | 11/8 | Link
  • Starting your AI Journey? Understanding how to get the best from your core middleware applications | 11/10 | Link
  • Extending transactional applications to hybrid cloud: Achieving business value with CICS | 10/25 | Link
  • Exposing zSystems assets with the latest capabilities of z/OS Connect - a practitioner's experience | 10/6 | Link
  • OMEGAMON for CICS and CICS Performance Analyzer - Update | 10/20 | Link
  • Developer experience for hybrid applications on IBM Z Systems | 10/27 | Link
  • IBM SMF Explorer with Python | 11/3 | Link
  • Using Kafka with z/OS for hybrid cloud integration | 11/17 | Link
  • Changing how you interact with z/OS with IBM Z Open Automation Utilities | 11/9 | Link
  • Security considerations when setting up your Ansible environment for z/OS | 11/15 | Link

LinuxONE Emperor 4 Announcement 

On Sept 13th Ross Mauri, IBM Z & LinuxONE General Manager, announced the new LinuxONE Emperor 4 with a strong focus on sustainability. Ross interviewed Martin Kennedy, Managing Director from Citigroup, who explained the benefits that Citigroup is getting with LinuxONE Emperor 4 and MongoDB. With the sustainability goal of net-zero carbon emissions in infrastructure by 2030, Citi Bank sought to leverage innovative technologies that improved customer experience and enhanced the security capability of service offerings, all while making a significant mark in the drive to net-zero carbon emissions.

“As I mentioned, we had some very specific performance sustainability targets. The solution performed about 15% better than the alternative hosting solution, which was remarkable. From a sustainability perspective, it exceeded our expectations, essentially from the perspective of compute and storage. It was a big win for us from a sustainability perspective. We’ve also been successful at leveraging the elastic capabilities of LinuxONE. Specifically, the ability to add capacities in memory and compute dynamically in real-time. We were also able to take advantage of the integrated compression technology.” -  Martin Kennedy, Managing Director, Citigroup

LinuxONE is a sustainable, highly scalable, and secure system designed to meet modern-day tech needs. With up to 200 high-performance cores utilizing specialized IBM Telum processors with on-chip acceleration for encryption, AI and data compression, and up to 40 terabytes of memory, the Emperor 4 delivers massive scalability to support hundreds of workloads in a single system. LinuxONE Emperor 4 was designed to give an optimal performance to our clients and help them reduce their carbon footprint. Clients can save up to 75% in energy use for their data center.

Watch the replay of the LinuxONE Emperor 4 announcement here. 

Tech Corner

Take the Carbon Neutral Challenge for your x86 environment

  1. Go to: https://www.ibm.com/products/linuxone-emperor-4/sustainability
  2. Scroll down to: Resources>TCO calculator—>See your savings
  3. Answer 8 easy questions and get the results in seconds
  4. Optionally contact IT.Economics@us.ibm.com for a no-charge custom TCO analysis.

Carbon Neutral goals are top of mind for many organizations. As the world continues its trend to analyze more data, the world is also consuming more electricity.  The significant electricity use of data centers also gives rise to concerns over their carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions and why tech giants like IBM, Salesforce, and Apple, as well as non-tech companies like Bank of America, PayPal, and PepsiCo have taken a serious commitment to Environmental, Social, and Governance initiatives.  

zDay 2022 Recap

Thank you for helping make IBM zDay 2022 our biggest and most successful event ever! IBM zDay set new records once again for IBM Community Day events, with over 20,000 registrations and 230 global thought leader speakers! Here are some of the biggest zDay highlights:

  • Worldwide unique live views for the event reached 22,187, with was a 25% increase from our prior record-setting IBM z16 Day SE event in April
  • 89% of the registrants were non-IBM, spanning 114 countries
  • A content-rich agenda with over 80 sessions across 5 tracks, with 96% featuring global, non-IBM community thought leaders as speakers

Session replays of IBM zDay 2022 sessions are all at an all-time record high! Be sure to catch what you missed on the event day here: https://ibmzday.bemyapp.com/2022. From our AI and quantum-focused sessions to our VC Smackdown event filmed live at our Madison Ave. NYC IBM Office, there is something for everyone!

Virtual Career Fair 11/3 

We would like to invite our clients to participate in our upcoming Enterprise Computing Virtual Career Fair on Thursday, November 3rd, hosted by CareerEco.  Hiring skilled talent is vital to the success of any business or organization, and we want to help connect you with qualified job seekers to build your talent pipeline. This virtual career fair is a great way to meet many people in a virtual booth dedicated to you, which allows you real-time engagement in groups or in personalized one-to-one interviews/interactions.  There is no cost for you to participate, and you may have multiple representatives attend from your company if you choose.  


This career fair is for anyone in the US, and all jobseeker candidates attending the career fair will have to meet the pre-requisite of completing the IBM Z Xplore Foundations & Concepts courses and achieved earning the Concepts badge.  Through this learning, candidates will come with a basic understanding of the mainframe; they will provide a CV which you will be able to review and decide who you choose to meet during the allotted timeframe on that day.  CareerEco will be providing a session on how to access your dedicated virtual booth prior to the event.  We are excited to bring clients together with people who are ready to learn more about the careers and open roles, internships, or possibilities for future opportunities in the mainframe.  


The Enterprise Computing Virtual Career Fair has limited spaces available. Please register by Friday, October 14th, to reserve your opportunity to participate. 


Enterprise Computing Virtual Career Fair 

When: November 3rd, 2022 - 01:00pm to 05:00pm EST

Where: CareerEco virtual platform  https://www.careereco.com/events/ENT-COMP