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The US University Roadshow!

By Lucas Sahn posted 11 days ago

IBM zSystems may be coming to a campus near you!

The IBM zSystems Skills team is traveling around the United States to show students and educators first hand all of the amazing opportunities out there for students to take advantage of as part of the IBM zSystems Community! Students who attend these IBM zSystems Connections Events are treated to an introduction to mainframes and the IBM zSystems technology that powers our global transaction based systems including banking, travel and retail. We then show off why a student might care about this technology including great starting salaries, high work life balance, and the ability to make a social impact through technical innovation!

We then move on to how a student can get involved with IBM zSystems! They should of course join this IBM zSystems Global Student Hub to stay tapped in to all of the latest and greatest opportunities for students to learn, network, and shine within IBM zSystems. Students are also introduced to the IBM Z Xplore learning platform where they can earn industry recognized badges by getting hands on experience in a real life mainframe environment! Students are encouraged to take advantage of the skills they learn on IBM Z Xplore and compete for cash prizes in the IBM zStudent Contest running now through December 31, 2022. Last, but certainly not least, we are highlighting our upcoming Enterprise Computing Virtual Career Fair happening on November 3, 2022 where students can meet and talk with numerous companies looking for IBM zSystems skills!

During these events, we are also thrilled to highlight to students the real world lives of people working with this technology. At each of these events, we are sure to bring a company who relies on IBM zSystems to run their businesses. They are able to share with students exactly how they use the technology, and what they look for in hiring entry level positions!

See below where we are planning to go this Fall! More dates and universities to be added!

Albany State University


Eastern Illinois University


Buffalo Universities


Illinois Wesleyan University


Northern Illinois University


Illinois State University


University of Illinois Springfield


University of North Texas


North Carolina State University


Virginia Commonwealth University


Duke University


University of South Carolina


Marist College


Syracuse University


If you do not see your university listed above, but you are interested in helping us run one of these events at your university we are happy to do so! Reach out to us at