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IBM zSystems Superstar: Zhenyu Wang

By Lucas Sahn posted Thu May 26, 2022 12:01 PM


We on the IBM zSystem team are incredibly appreciative of all of the work that our advocates do to advance awareness for zSystem skill opportunities. We want to take a moment to highlight one of these standouts!

Introducing Zhenyu Wang from South China University of Technology, Guangzho China

What have been your roles, and years spent, working with the mainframe?
As the Director of IBM Zseries System Education Center (Guangzhou),  I have been working with the Mainframe for 17 years.

Walk us through some big moments from your work with IBM zSystems.
I witnessed and promoted the following with the Mainframe:
         June 2005,  “IBM Zseries System Education Center (Guangzhou)” was established
         April 2014,  SCUT and IBM jointly built a “New Generation of Mainframe Center”
         April 2016,  SCUT and IBM signed the agreement of “Cultivation of Innovative
                              and Entrepreneurial Talents”
         June 2020,  SCUT and IBM signed the agreement of “IBM Skill Academy and Emerging
                              Engineering Talents Cultivation”                  

What is your history with courses and projects to help others learn on the Mainframe?

IBM Zseries System Education Center (Guangzhou) have built a series of excellent courses such as: “Cloud computing”, “Blockchain Technology”, “Introduction of Mainframe and operating system”, “IBM zSeries DB2”,“Cobol Programming” and “IBM CICS”. Moreover, I have undertaken some Mainframe related projects , such as  “Emerging Engineering Project” under the Ministry of Education Cooperative Education Project with IBM.

As the head coach, I organized the Student Club of IBM. At present, the club has more than 30 students who actively participate in learning and practice activities related to the Mainframe. They have won the first prize in “National Application Competition of the Mainframe” twice.

Do you have any advice for someone who is interested in a career in Mainframes?
Mainframe is a unique and fascinating subject, which is enduring and innovative. Many popular and modern technologies are inspired by the Mainframe. To be a Mainframe engineer, You should be passionate about the Mainframe technologies, update your technical stacks, and arm yourself with IBM Design Thinking Methodologies and tools.

What are some of your best Mainframe event memories?

I participated in the IBM z14 release conference. The experience was amazing. I was lucky to witness the z14 Mainframe, and learned the new technical features of z14. I was so impressive with IBM's innovative ability and the strong vitality of the Mainframe.

I also organized 20 undergraduates to participate in "IBM overseas innovation and entrepreneurship practice course“ in Columbia University. This course enjoyed by all participants. It not only broadened their horizons with diversified cultures, but also improved innovative ability.

Have any questions about how Zhenyu activates students with mainframe skills, or how you can empower your students in a similar way? Comment on this blog and we will be more than happy to work with you!

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