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Missed IBM z16 Day? No Problem!

By Lucas Sahn posted Thu April 07, 2022 10:46 AM


April 5th we celebrated the launch of the brand new IBM z16 machine with a special edition of IBM z16 Day. The day was filled with over 100 speakers speaking across 38 sessions focusing on the three foundations of the IBM z16: Optimized, Modern, and Secure.

While I recommend you check out all of the sessions to pick out those that are most interesting to you, I grabbed some of my favorites for you here! To watch these replays, you will have to register.


You can NOT miss our opening session live from New York City! IBM General Manager of IBM zSystems Ross Mauri kicks things off announcing the launch of the IBM z16 with The Future is IBM z16. Spoiler alert! You’ll see our very own IBM zSystems Student Ambassador, Caitlin Mooney, speak to her skill-building journey.


Speaking of IBM zSystems Student Ambassadors…

They were all over the place!


Check out the IBM zSystems Ambassador of the year 2021, Komal Mann, walk through the guts of the new IBM z16 in an interactive tour.


Click here to listen in as IBM zSystems Ambassador Captain Sabine Diemt participate in a panel on Using Open Source Languages to Modernize Applications.


Finally, IBM zSystems Ambassador Captain Paola Medrano is the youth voice in an Intergenerational Dialogue: Data Privacy in Hybrid Cloud.


I could go on and on all day about more of my favorite sessions, and again I recommend you look through and watch the sessions most interesting to you, but I do want to leave you with one last suggestion!


This session is all about how YOU can fast track a career in enterprise computing. You do not want to miss this!

Get started on your career in enterprise computing today by registering here for our Student Community and kickstarting your learning journey in IBM Zxplore!

A special thank you to all who could attend live, but if you were unable to, do not miss out on all of this amazing information!

-Lucas Sahn
IBM zSystems Student Experience