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Stand Out on College and Job Applications With In Demand Skills

We are living in the golden age of digital education. You no longer need a college degree to get hired at the world's leading tech companies like IBM, Apple, and Google. Sure a college degree can always help, but what is becoming more and more important every day is the skills and digital credentials you have on your resume. With 84,000 open jobs* needing IBM Z skills, and more opening each and every day, there is no better time than right now to take the jump and dive in to the amazing IBM resources to get you skilled up and ready for future job and academic opportunities!
Check out this constantly updated resource on how you can stand out on college and job applications:

I don't know much about coding or computers:

I know a bit about coding and computers, but am looking to learn more:
  • Z Xplore - This is THE PLACE TO BE to learn in demand IBM Z skills. Get access to a virtual Z machine as you make your way through challenges and earn points that you can cash in for t-shirts and other prizes. You'll also earn industry recognized badges for the work you complete. Side note, these skills will be crucial for participating in upcoming IBM Z Student Challenges that you can compete in to win cash prizes.
  • IBM Academic Initiative - Log in to the IBM Academic Initiative with your .edu email address to access a suite of resources to advance your IBM Z knowledge. There are also great resources on the IBM Academic Initiative on Cloud Computing, Data Science, Quantum Computing and so much more!

I know a good amount about coding and computers, but I'm not stopping there! Bring on the challenge:
  • IBM Developer - Wait a minute, isn't this for beginners? No! There are a ton of great Code Patterns, like Securing a Digital Wallet with Public Cloud or Using Insights From Purchase History to Drive Retail Sales, and ongoing Series to stay up to date on the latest advancements with IBM Z technology. Poke around and you're sure to learn something new!
  • Z Xplore - Ok, now you're just repeating things. Not exactly! Z Xplore offers an advanced tier of courses for you to challenge yourself and earn exclusive industry recognized badges! New content is updated regularly, so be sure to come back if you haven't been in a while!
  • IBM LinuxONE Community Cloud - Try the IBM LinuxONE Community Cloud, a no-charge, 24 x 7, enterprise-grade, open access, shared public cloud environment on IBM’s LinuxONE platform. Developers, students, professors, entrepreneurs, or anyone from all over the world can sign up for 120-day access to a virtual server with full access to develop, test, or run open source applications on LinuxONE, or to access any of the other services offered.
All of these learning opportunities are 100% completely and totally FREE, so take advantage and stand out on your college and job applications!
Take the next step and write a blog, or post on the discussion board about what you learn to encourage your peers to take the skill jump with you!

Be bold, take the jump, and dive into Z,
Lucas Sahn

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