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Access to the Active System PROCLIBs in z/OS under ISPF


There are times that a z/OS systems programmer, application developer, operations analyst, etc. may need to find where a particular PROC resides. Unless there is a JCLLIB DD in the JCL then the PROC will reside in a PROCLIB library defined via the JES2 (or JES3) configuration.

To find where the PROC member resides each of the PROCLIB libraries must be individually checked unless you have access to the LSTPROC open-source tool (https://github.com/lbdyck/lstproc).  This free tool will dynamically find the active PROCLIB library definition and make them available using the ISPF ISRDDN application.

Once this display is active you can use all the capabilities of the ISRDDN application. 

The one to find where a PROC resides is the M (or member) command. Issue M xxx or M xxx* to find the library where the xxx member resides.

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