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Technology's Uncertain Impact

By Lenith Pili posted Wed October 13, 2021 11:17 AM

Technology, for me, is a strong source of productivity, inspiration, and comfort, allowing me to be more successful and productive in my communication,work, and education. When I read, listen to music, exercise, or walk, I use several gadgets to help me relax while still allowing me to accomplish other things. It is now possible to find and enjoy the music I adore practically anywhere in the globe thanks to internet advancements. If I want to watch a movie, I can go to the nearby cinema and enjoy the 3D experience, or I can view movies online from the comfort of my own house.

I am now studying data science and analytics at our university, and I am learning data science and analytics utilizing a variety of technologies, including predictive and prescriptive analytics, artificial intelligence, and SQL. 

IBM enterprise computing is something I am  passionate about because it has something to do with data science and analytics. Enterprise computing is all about data and the services that go with it. It allows analytics and knowledge development to take place at the data source.

In the field of education, technology is becoming increasingly important. The more advanced technology becomes, the more benefits it delivers to students at all education level.