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Climate Change Mitigation Through Technology

By Lenith Pili posted Fri September 17, 2021 10:03 AM


One of the greatest challenges that developing countries face in realizing their sustainable development is the need for the proper technology transfer and utilization. Although access to technology depends on various factors, such as financial resources, it is also an issue that impacts the development of sustainable development.

Entrepreneurs and investors are capitalizing on the global enthusiasm for clean technology by developing new products in every energy-related industry. Even if energy breakthroughs have a lot of promise, it's possible that they won't be deployed until it's too late. Most technological advances take decades to reach the broad market.

Clean technology must be widely deployed to decrease global emissions in half over the next 40 years, as scientists urge. According to the researchers at Chatham House, a think tank in the United Kingdom, and CambridgeIP, a patent-search firm, it took 19 to 30 years for them to become widely used.

As  irreversible climate change is already here, there is no time to sit around . WE NEED TO ACT NOW! Now is the time to act.

Delays in reducing carbon dioxide or other short-lived climate pollutants will have negative and potentially permanent effects for global warming, sea level rise, food security, and public health.

Innovative disruption needs to happen fast. We need to think outside the box, come up with fresh ideas, launch new goods, and start working on breakthrough technology. To drive down the cost of new technologies, boost efficiencies, support early movers, and develop new markets, investments are desperately needed.

Only new technological innovation in clean energy and low-carbon technologies will allow us to stay ahead of a crisis as huge as climate change.