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ISV AMA: Java on IBM Z


Ready get into the weeds with Java?

On September 26, James Tang, Joran Siu, and Sean Kelleher from the IBM Java Development Team hosted an AMA with the ISV Ecosystem User Group.  The Java gang spent an hour answering crunchy questions about how ISVs can plan, install, build, test, and deploy Java applications on z/OS with the latest available Java features as distributed platforms

Recording and slides are available here.

Java is one of the world’s most widely used and important programming languages.  It’s portable, consumable, pervasive, and it performs extremely well on IBM Z.  ISVs can develop mainframe Java applications with ease.  All it takes are familiar Java development tools employed alongside IBM Semeru Runtime Certified Edition for z/OS, IBM Developer for z/OS, and the JZOS Toolkit. With IBM Z Java security providers and services, your applications remain secure.  IBM Java delivers execution for your Java workloads on z/OS, whether for standalone Java applications or those executing via the JZOS batch launcher.

Listen to this AMA and dive deep -- then  watch the ISV Ecosystem User Group for our next AMA!