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z/Action! Podcast: Delivered with a Blue Bow -- Unboxing the IBM z16 Rack Mount


Each month, z/Action! meets some of the world's most innovative companies as they share how they're expanding horizons and driving success with IBM Z.  This month we welcome Evolving Solutions’ Jim Fyffe, IBM Z Architect and Technical Specialist, and Scott Rudin, IBM Z Technical Sales Specialist.  They’re here to report on their experience installing one of the very first IBM z16 rack mount machines, sharing early impressions of this versatile new model. 

Delivered with a Blue Bow: Unboxing the IBM z16 Rack Mount 
“When ours rolled into the warehouse, it had a blue bow on it,” Jim Fyffe recalls with a chuckle. He’s not kidding; the IBM z16 rack mount is a special machine. This new system is designed with sustainability in mind.  It’s the same IBM z16 with the Telum processor, and the security and reliability of IBM z16, but in a rack, delivered in a configuration for clients who want a smaller footprint and more co-location options.  Listen in as Jim Fyffe and Scott Rudin of Evolving Solutions share their experiences with one of the very first IBM z16 rack mount units: what installation was like, and how their customers are responding -- including a preview of AI capabilities and LinuxONE compatibility.

Where to listen

Visit IBM on the web for more information about IBM z16 rack mount and LinuxONE Rockhopper 4 rack mount; to explore more about flexible-compute capabilities, watch  Big Innovation in a Smaller Footprint.   

To learn more about Evolving Solutions, visit their website.  Also be sure to view Evolving  Solutions’ IBM z16 rack mount installation video; reach out to Evolving Solutions to learn more or to schedule a visit.

Jim and Scott welcome Evolving Systems' new z16 rack mount,
complete with a blue bow on top!

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