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Latest IBM Updates Make it Easier to Run Workloads in the Right Environment

By Lee Sullivan posted Fri June 02, 2023 03:19 PM


Jeff Cherrington, Rocket Software's vice president of product management for infrastructure modernization, is enthusiastic about the latest updates for IBM z16 and LinuxONE 4. 

"The new configurations meet the needs of a broader range of data center and mainframe environments," he says.  "The changes represent a major step forward, making it easier to get the right workloads into the right environment."

According to Jeff, these enhancements represent a boon to sustainability, while standardizing into one shared instance enhances performance and interoperability. 

"In an increasingly unpredictable world, reducing cost and environmental impact starts with boosting efficiency," he concludes. "Mounting disparate operating systems in a single standard rack in the data ensures fewer resources are eaten up, workloads are optimized, and z/OS mainframe partitions are freed up to take on more of what they are best at."

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