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z/Action! Podcast: The Importance of Advocacy in Building a zSystems Career


Each month, z/Action! meets some of the world's most innovative companies as they share how they're expanding horizons and driving success with IBM zSystems.  This month we welcome Mainline Information Systems' Dusty Rivers.  He’s Mainline’s senior director for zSystems -- and an IBM Lifetime Champion.  Shari Chiara, who leads IBM’s zSystems external advocacy program, joins him to discuss zSystems advocacy and Dusty’s journey as an IBM Champion. 

The Importance of Advocacy in Building a zSystems Career
“Advocacy is all about sharing,” says Mainline Information Systems’ Dusty Rivers – and he walks the talk.  Dusty has been an advocate throughout his entire career. As an IBM Lifetime Champion for zSystems, he’s inspiring a new generation of zSystems professionals.  Join IBM advocacy leader Shari Chiara as she and Dusty discuss the ongoing mission of evangelizing mainframe innovation, modernization, and the growing career opportunities on the zSystems platform.  “The legacy I want to leave is making people successful in the area where I started,” Dusty says, “and leaving it better than when I got into it.” 

Where to listen

For more about the IBM Champions program and Mainline Information Systems, visit IBM and Mainline online. To get started with zSystems advocacy, visit the IBM zSystems Advocacy Hub. For more on IBM zSystems modernization, visit the IBM Z and Cloud Modernization Center.


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Wed March 29, 2023 08:25 PM

Thanks so much Dusty for sharing your passion for the technology through your advocacy! Great advice "Don't be afraid to ask"