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z/Action! for December: Embracing the Challenge -- Women and the IBM zSystems Platform


Each month, z/Action! meets some of the world's most innovative companies as they share how they're expanding horizons and driving success with IBM zSystems.  This month we host Michelle Harris, Senior Manager for Product Services and Development at UNICOM, who’s here to discuss her insights into the challenges facing women in the IT industry. 

Embracing the Challenge: Women and the IBM zSystems Platform
When UNICOM’s Michelle Harris started her career in the IBM zSystems world 30 years ago, women were a rarity.  Today there are boundless opportunities for women on the zSystems platform, but nurturing them requires dedicated attention.  Programs like IBM Z Xplore and innovations like Zowe are making zSystems more accessible and more attractive.  From recruiting talent, to developing skills, to navigating job roles, Michelle shares practical guidance for organizations looking to improve diversity -- encouraging women to embrace the challenge and forge their own path in the zSystems domain.


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Mon December 12, 2022 09:09 AM

Great podcast Lee and Michelle. Full of good advice on increasing diversity in IT and attracting more women into zSystems