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Time to Celebrate! The ISV Ecosystem User Group is a Year Old.

By Lee Sullivan posted Wed May 25, 2022 06:30 PM


Where were you in May 2021?  If you were on the IBM Z and LinuxOne Community, chances are you witnessed the launch of the IBM zSystems ISV Ecosystem User Group. 

During the past year, our members have published a steady stream of lively updates chronicling how ISVs are innovating on the IBM zSystems platform.  We’re the sixth-largest user group on the Community, numbering some 340 individual members representing 100 ISVs who’ve published dozens upon dozens of blogs, events, videos, discussions, and more.

A year later, we’re just getting started.  Join the celebration -- participate!

Every content submission counts as an act of advocacy -- you can even qualify for a badge. Simply press the Contribute button in the header, or reach out to our moderation team.  We’re here to help. 

Let’s keep growing.  The ISV Ecosystem User Group is your portal for communicating with the 10,000 members of the IBM Z and LinuxOne Community.  Invite your colleagues to join by sending them this link:

Together, let’s keep expanding the horizons of the IBM zSystems platform.