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zEDC in Connect:Direct for z/OS -- Watch z/Action! On-Demand

By Lee Sullivan posted Thu December 09, 2021 03:06 PM


The seventh episode of the z/Action! channel on IBM Expert TV broadcast on December 9.  Ed Peters, Principal Systems Engineer at Capgemini, discussed support for zEDC ZLIB compression in Connect:Direct for z/OS.

zEDC in Connect:Direct for z/OS
Connect:Direct for z/OS is a proprietary mainframe file transfer product that has been around since MVS. Over the years, it has incorporated support for many new features and capabilities of IBM Z, including security and performance enhancements. One of the latest additions is zEDC ZLIB compression. This presentation will give an overview of this capability, including what it is, and how the customer can use it to speed up and protect their file transfers.

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