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It's Not Too Late to Learn | Learn AI: Hands-on Labs, Leadership and Lessons from AI Experts

By Kinga Szekessy Parrott posted Thu April 23, 2020 12:46 AM



We want to thank the thousands of you who joined us last week in the
Learn AI, a Cloud Pak Series education event. It was great to see so many of you participating actively in the hands-on labs, scheduling time with our experts, and engaging with instructors and leadership speakers.
We were truly humbled by the number of people who reached out to let us know how much they appreciated this education opportunity. We created this event to help build important skills needed now and to make IBM’s resources available at no cost to the world during this trying time. We wanted to make an interactive learning experience, as we are spending so much time in front of screens, not just for work, but to connect with loved ones.
If you want to take a lab you missed or share this education opportunity with others, Learn AI will be available until July 15.
From @Seth Dobrin’s kick-off to Emily Glassberg Sands' keynote to the very last session, there are over 12 hours of education that anyone can take advantage of.
Are you leading a group of data scientists or AI practitioners?
These are hard times for everyone: juggling with work and family simultaneously and dealing with uncertainty. And the responsibility of leading a team in these circumstances can weigh heavily on you. What you do will make a big difference to the well-being and performance of your team today and in the future. That is why we assembled a great line-up of experienced leaders to share their stories, tips and advice.
Christina Schunemann shares ways in which you can continue to deliver against your goals while providing stability, direction and a sense of purpose to your team.
  • Joel Grus talks about how to maintain the connection with junior engineers and data scientists while working remotely.
  • Join Paco Nathan in his sessions Challenges of Building Data Science Teams and Helping Your Team Work Better T
  • Learn how to start up an AI Center of Excellence with @John Thomas or 3 Steps to Creating Valuable, Buildable AI with Jennifer Sukis
  • Explore how to build a storyline to demonstrate how data science assets can be leveraged to drive digital transformation in a non-digital native environment.with Alexander Pavelka
  • Technical capabilities do not always translate easily into the abilities needed to successfully lead. In order to be a top leader, you need to focus on leadership skills as well as seeing technical skills from a different perspective in the context of the organizational needs - watch Joel Nantais talk about the fundamentals of leadership success.
  • And when you need a break from all these super engaging labs and leadership discussions - join Patrick Kozakiewicz on a fun journey on how to train and take care of your mind.