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AI on IBM Z Discovery Workshop: Client Engineering for Systems

By Kelly Yang posted Fri January 27, 2023 12:42 PM

Our Mission
AI is impacting every industry, with the most innovative enterprises have come recognize the value of leveraging AI capabilities to get new insights and make better decisions.
With so many mission critical workloads running on IBM Z, IBM has been investing in building an enterprise-optimized hardware and software stack that can run AI workloads with the quality of service expected of IBM Z.
With the IBM Telum chip available in IBM z16 and LinuxONE Emperor IV, IBM has introduced an on-chip AI inference accelerator – the IBM Integrated Accelerator for AI. The on-chip accelerator is optimized for the complex mathematical functions found in AI models and allows inferencing at scale and with low latency alongside IBM Z based workloads. Alongside the AI on IBM Z software stack, we have an enterprise ready foundation for you to build on!
This workshop will demonstrate the business value of performing AI inference directly on IBM Z and will bring the user through a journey of taking a model trained in many industry standard analytical frameworks off platform and easily deploying that model onto IBM Z. It will also show how we can easily take existing applications and quickly modify them to add inferencing and/or scoring using this deployed model.
Prove the "Why IBM Systems" by co-creating solutions with our clients and partners using multi-disciplinary squads of deep technical experts and capabilities.
  • Innovate
    • Help clients discover technology by showing the art of the possible
  • Think
    • Connect with technical experts on IBM and Red Hat technology
  • Co-create
    • Design at the speed of a start-up with the scale of an enterprise
  • Build
    • Provide access to infrastructure resources for demos prototypes & benchmarks

Target Audience
  • IBM Z clients who are interested in leveraging AI and analytic capabilities to
    gain new insights from their IBM Z based workloads.
  • Clients interested in understanding how
    IBM Z can enable them to score every transaction, so no opportunity is missed due to latency.
  • Those interested in seeing how IBM Z enables scoring (or inference) using industry standard open-source frameworks directly on platform which allows for minimal impact to transactional workload SLAs while still providing for all of the qualities of service of IBM Z.
Target groups
  • Data Engineers/Scientists
  • Strategists
  • Developers
  • Technical teams
  • IT-/Enterprise-Architects
  • Business leaders
Why Use This Service?
  • Are your analytical insights sometimes too late to do much good?
  • Are you interested in running many of the popular analytic frameworks directly on
    IBM Z easily?
  • Would you like some hands-on experience deploying models on IBM Z and having your applications leverage them?
  • Would you like to learn how AI on IBM Z can save you on operational costs and improve security of your data?

This workshop will ensure that you have the architecture, practices, and hands-on experience to successfully begin your AI on IBM Z journey.
Workshop Overview
  • Discover some of the AI on IBM Z technologies and their value
    • Understanding key technologies and their place in your AI journey, including the new on-chip accelerator on the IBM z16
    • Leveraging TensorFlow and TensorFlow serving to deploy models for online inference using zCX
    • Leverage Watson Machine Learning for z/OS to deploy Open Neural Network Exchange (ONNX) models.
  • Streamlining model deployment and development and management with WMLz
  • Advise on planning steps required to deploy your model onto IBM Z
  • Illustrate the AI on IBM Z technology through real world use case demonstrations and showcases
  • Apply workshop discoveries to real life through interactive hands-on experience
  • Define and assess use cases to bring value to your business.

  • Advice on best practices using AI on IBM Z technologies
  • Skills enablement for AI on IBM Z
  • Identify possible use cases for client environment
  • Recommendations for initial AI on IBM Z adoption
Contact or your local IBM Client Engineering team to find out more!