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My life after I've been introduced to technology

By Kearabilwe Matome posted Tue October 19, 2021 09:42 PM

Technology has  shaped my life in so many ways. From listening watching funny videos online to discovering myself. Making research about each and everything I had interest in so that I could know what I might face in their coming future if I decide to follow that interest. It helped me a lot when it comes to making research and finding which study of field is best suitable for. The videos I watched online helped me to discover my passion and what I really love and how I want to explore it. It also helped me in terms of socialising as I'm very shy when it comes to having face to face conversation.  Finding more resources for my studies, playing quizzes, practice tests online and more. It really groomed me. When it comes to exercising as I didn't have money for the gym or personal trainer it helped a lot and I also learned a lot about my body and how it operates. In terms of emergency technology excel in this field. I mean now you can make transactions in a matter of seconds especially when someone is in need of money in that very moment. There are several apps that fits everyone's category, whether it is school or business, it just made life easier including for sports.

I am now studying Software Development but I would love to call myself a programmer as I am always learning different things like I just want to be a programmer. Whether it is data, AI or anything I always have a bit of knowledge and I'm able to work on those projects. Front-end or back-end I just make sure I make research and learn different materials that I can use for my production.  And also meeting new people who are in your field but uses different programming language also just make my world look like heaven as I learn why is this good and where it is good at because we have preferences. I might think JavaScript or C# are the best but someone prefers C++ and PHP.