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IBM Host Configuration Assistant for Z Development 3.1 released

IBM Host Configuration Assistant for Z Development 3.1 has been released.

IBM Host Configuration Assistant for Z Development 3.1 is updated to support latest product versions. Below is a list of products that are currently supported:
  • IBM Application Delivery Foundation for z/OS 3.3 (updated from 3.2)
  • IBM Developer for z/OS Enterprise Edition 15.0 (updated from 14.2)
  • IBM Developer for z/OS 15.0 (updated from 14.2)
  • IBM Debug for z/OS 15.0 (updated from 14.2)
  • IBM Fault Analyzer for z/OS 14.1
  • IBM File Manager for z/OS 14.1
  • IBM Application Performance Analyzer for z/OS 14.2
  • IBM Wazi Developer for Red Hat CodeReady Workspaces 1.1 (updated from 1.0)
  • IBM Z Open Development 2.0
  • IBM Z Open Unit Test 2.0
  • IBM Explorer for z/OS 3.2 (updated from 3.1)
  • IBM Dependency Based Build 1.1 (updated from 1.0)
  • IBM Z Open Automation Utilities 1.1(updated from 1.0)
  • IBM Wazi Virtual Test Platform 1.0
Note: For previous versions, if you still use Host Configuration Assistant to generate and view checklists, switch to the corresponding KC pages of those versions.

Besides Eclipse and VS Code IDEs (Wazi Developer for VS Code), Host Configuration Assistant now also supports Wazi Developer for Workspaces (Workspaces), which provides the z/OS application development capabilities in the OpenShift cloud environment.

Below is a summary of updates to the host components:
z/OS Explorer (HALG320)
  • z/OS Explorer is updated from 3.1 to 3.2.
z/OS Explorer Extensions (HHOPF00)
  • Added customization of a z/OS Explorer configuration file, rse.env, to define the installation location of z/OS Explorer Extensions to z/OS Explorer.
z/OS Source Code Analysis (HAKGF00)
  • Moved parts of batch code coverage to z/OS Debugger, which implies redoing the AKGCC JCL PROC customization.
z/OS Debugger (HADRF00)
  • Remote Debug Service can now be configured to collect headless code coverage.
  • The IMS Transaction Isolation Facility is enhanced to utilize type 2 IMS commands for retrieving information on transactions, in cases where the type 1 commands are disallowed.
  • If the site is using a VSAM data set to store CICS DTCN debug profiles, and the existing data set is defined with a record length of 2000 bytes, convert the data set to the latest format to continue using it.
  • Introduced TSO commands, MVS search, MVS and UNIX rawContent APIs, among other things.
z/OS Dynamic Test Runner (HAL6100)
  • Added instructions for extending language environment to allow for actions such as replaying with the recorded timestamp, or recording and replaying file I/O.
  • Added a step for configuring Db2 support: Add SBZUSAMP(BZUPDB2) to PROCLIB.
Dependency Based Build (HBGZ110)
  • Added instructions for configuring Rocket Git for z/OS in IBM Host Configuration Assistant for Z Development. Configure Rocket Git for z/OS if you want DBB to work with Git repositories.
Z Open Automation Utilities (HAL5110)
  • The process to enable ZOA Utilities Python APIs is changed. The Python API now ships as a pip installable package. 
  • Added the instructions for protecting the APF authorized components of ZOA Utilities.
Application Performance Analyzer (HAD0E20)
  • Added instructions about how to customize the JOBCARD that is displayed in “A02: Report JCL Submission”.
  • Added the constraints and usage notes for configuring Java support.
  • Added more information about migration considerations.
COBOL and CICS command Level Conversion Aid (H09F210)
  • CCCA is no longer provided in any of the products but can still be used with other host components.

Please play with the tool and let us know should there be any comments or feedback.

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