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IBM OMEGAMON for Messaging Multi-line Message Actions in Enhanced 3270UI


IBM® OMEGAMON® for Messaging on z/OS® includes message actions as part of its IBM MQ administrative capabilities. Now you can move, retry, or delete multiple messages at once in the OMEGAMON enhanced 3270 user interface.

The OMEGAMON for Messaging engineering team is pleased to announce that multi-line message actions are now available for all enhanced 3270UI workspaces that show a list of messages on a queue. The message actions are available for direct entry on rows in these workspaces, and an action can be entered on multiple lines to act on several messages in the same way.

The new capability is especially helpful with your dead letter queue. Say you are looking at dead letter queue messages and several messages have arrived there due to an issue with the destination queue that you have since resolved. Now you can enter “r” for retry on multiple rows so that those messages will be retried (moved) to the destination queue at once. 

Retry multiple messages in dead letter queue
Confirmation to retry messages in dead letter queue

Maybe there has been a mix-up and multiple messages ended up in the wrong queue, and you can see them in the message descriptor list for that queue. You can enter “m” for move on multiple rows, enter the correct queue name once in the resulting pop-up, and the messages in those rows will be moved to the queue you want. 

Move multiple messages in queue
Specify queue to which to move messages

If you have accumulated test messages in a queue during a particular time-period that you want to delete, on the workspace giving the message descriptor list for a date-time range, you can use the multi-line “d” action next to the messages you no longer want, and they will be deleted. Please be aware that delete completely removes messages, and no archival version of a message is saved.

Delete multiple messages in queue
Confirmation to delete messages in queue

After any such message action, the workspace listing the messages will be refreshed automatically so that only messages left on the queue will be displayed. Besides the message actions, there are also options for viewing message contents (“s”), or for viewing message header information in detail format (“h”). Of course, as usual for all capabilities related to messages on queues, your access must be authorized to be able to proceed; this has not changed.  

Get the new multi-line message action capability in version 7.5.0 by applying PTF UJ93019 for APAR OA64672.

The OMEGAMON for Messaging engineering team appreciates the feedback and ideas for improvement that we have received from the community. If you would like to submit an idea for our team to consider, please submit them in the IBM Idea Portal for product IBM OMEGAMON for Messaging on z/OS.


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