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What’s New in IBM OMEGAMON for Messaging on z/OS V7.5.0 Fix Pack 7


IBM® OMEGAMON® for Messaging on z/OS® monitors availability and performance for IBM MQ, IBM Integration Bus, and IBM App Connect Enterprise on zCX.  V7.5.0 Fix Pack 7  contains several enhancements providing more information for monitoring and managing your IBM Z messaging infrastructure. 

The OMEGAMON for Messaging engineering team appreciates the feedback and ideas for improvement that we have received from the community. If you would like to submit an idea for our team to consider, please submit them in the IBM Idea Portal for product IBM OMEGAMON for Messaging on z/OS.

IBM MQ Monitoring:

Performance monitoring of IBM MQ has been improved with the addition of reporting channel initiator statistics collected from IBM MQ SMF Type 115 performance statistics records. You can now see how busy your channel initiator tasks are and determine if increasing the number of tasks will be beneficial.  Two new attribute groups provide the data, Channel Initiator Control and Channel Initiator Tasks. This data is available for situations, historical collection, and in workspaces in both the enhanced 3270UI and TEP.

Other SMF Type 115 performance statistics already reported by the MQ agent have been updated for currency with recent MQ releases.  This includes additional attributes about Message Manager, Log Manager, and SMDS Statistics.  For example, you can now observe the break-down of persistent and non-persistent message put rates in the queue manager.

The sample date and time attribute has been added to sampled attribute groups for situation usability so that you can understand the exact time that the data was collected when a situation becomes true.

Several attribute groups have been updated with new attributes and enumerations for currency with features added in recent IBM MQ releases. Workspaces in the enhanced 3270UI have been updated for the attribute additions as well as for other improvements. For instance, the new streaming queue feature in IBM MQ is supported, including the ability to zoom directly to the streaming queue defined for a queue, as shown in pictures here.

If your organization is sending IBM Z performance data to reporting platforms like IBM Instana, Splunk, or Elastic, you can use the OMEGAMON Data Provider (ODP) to stream even more IBM MQ monitoring data than before. Along with the additional attributes in Fix Pack 7, the enhanced 3270UI and TEP have been updated to allow enablement of historical collections for all attribute groups in which historical recording is possible in order to facilitate ODP streaming.
Situation processing for the Queue Status attribute group has been improved for performance when there are multiple situations started for it.
Queue Handle Status subpanels in the enhanced 3270UI for details on a specific queue have been updated to show open queue handles across queue managers in the queue-sharing group.
Support has been added for optional AUTORESTART(YES) specification on the SET MQIMONITOR parameter statement to allow the IBM MQ Monitoring Agent to restart MQI monitoring for a queue manager if it stops due to filling the maximum buffer size specification.

IBM Integration Bus / IBM App Connect Enterprise on zCX Monitoring:

New attributes have been added for integration server status monitoring. New attribute group Application Status has been added for status monitoring at the message flow application level.  These attribute updates provide more key information for IBM App Connect Enterprise on zCX monitoring, but many also apply to IBM Integration Bus monitoring. Workspaces in the enhanced 3270UI and in TEP have been updated for these additions and for other improvements.

Take-action capability has been updated to allow starting and stopping applications and message flows for IBM App Connect Enterprise on zCX.
Support has been added in this agent for specifying the Java maximum heap size used for the code that invokes the IBM Integration API, via the new KQIENV environment variable KQI_JAVA_ARGS.

Task and process cleanup has been improved in this agent to avoid storage issues.

Note that IBM Integration Bus and IBM App Connect Enterprise on zCX monitoring data is also available for streaming via the OMEGAMON Data Provider (ODP).

Related HKMQ750 Information:

APAR: OA63963

PTF: UJ09793.
Fix Pack in Fix Central: 7.5.0-TIV-KMQ-FP0007

Related HKQI750 Information:

APAR: OA63692

PTF: UJ09794

Fix Pack in Fix Central: 7.5.0-TIV-KQI-FP0007

NOTE:  Fix Pack 7 includes the new OMEGAMON Java certificate and supersedes Fix Pack 6, which provided the new Java certificate earlier in 2022.   


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