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Configure your OMEGAMON agents easily and quickly with IBM Z Monitoring Configuration Manager

  • Are you currently using PARMGEN to configure your OMEGAMONs? 
  • Have you not heard of the IBM Z Monitoring Configuration Manager?
  • Do you want to spend less time on configuring OMEGAMON runtime environments and achieve a reduce time to value?

If yes, read on to find out how the IBM Z Configuration Manager can assist your OMEGAMON deployments.


IBM Z Monitoring Configuration Manager (Configuration Manager) is a new way to configure OMEGAMON agents.

It provides an alternative to using the PARMGEN ISPF dialogs.


  • Is a Batch only process
  • To generate runtime members from parameters you submit one job
  • You only need to know the input parameters and the output runtime members
  • Uses “sparse” Runtime Environment (RTE) parameter specification
  • Saves main configuration in an RTEDEF data set
  • Integrated subsystem discovery

How does it work?

All tasks are handled by one simple piece of JCL.

You only need to specify the name of your runtime environment and the high-level qualifier for the OMEGAMON configuration data sets to be created – the rest is handled for you by an automated workflow.

Six Step Process for New Installs:

  1. Create your run-time environment
  2. Customize the RTE parameters to suit your needs
  3. Discover your subsystems
  4. Generate your OMEGAMON runtime environment
  5. Complete the configuration steps
  6. Start the OMEGAMON agents and begin monitoring

Migrating from an existing PARMGEN installation process:

If you’ve got an existing PARMGEN installation, use the “MIGRATE” action to import the parameters customized by the existing installation.

Simple process:

  1. Specify MIGRATE action
  3. Specify the RTE_NAME value as per WCONFIG
  4. Submit Job

 ->  RTEDEF created!

  1. Customize RTEDEF (HLQs, …)
  2. Specify GENERATE action
  3. Submit Job

 -> RTE created!

Use CONFIRM Y to re-run MIGRATE and re-create the RTEDEF library

Demo video:

See a live demo of the Configuration Manager action MIGRATE which imports configuration settings from a runtime environment that is configured with PARMGEN to one that is configured with Configuration Manager.

Find out more:

If you’d like to find out more or arrange a getting started meeting using Configuration Manager with our OMEGAMON installation and configuration experts, please reach out to

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