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z/OS Connect 3.0.73 is available


We have released V3.0.73 of IBM z/OS Connect with maintenance fixes for both z/OS Connect OpenAPI 2 and OpenAPI 3 with new versions of the z/OS Connect API requester Gradle plug-in, V1.0.5 and the z/OS Connect provider Gradle plug-in, V1.2.0.  For more information, see PH56451: z/OS Connect V3.0.73 and if you’re new to IBM z/OS Connect, find out more here.  


  • PH56374 - The z/OS Connect OpenAPI 3 API requester Gradle plug-in does not allow API key header named "Authorization".

  • PH55671: BAQR1107W not written into log during startup.


Support for Aqua 3.1 was withdrawn on 24th April 2023. For more information, see End of Support Announcement for Aqua 3.1. Users are encouraged to move to the latest Aqua 3.3 platform which is built on Eclipse V4.23 and Java 11.

If you have any feedback on this blog article, the enhancements in this release, or anything else that is related to IBM z/OS Connect content and information, please go to the z/OS Connect community and post your feedback on the discussion forum.

Get started today

Use the links below to find out more, and to get started with V3.0.73 now!

What is z/OS Connect OpenAPI 3?

What is z/OS Connect OpenAPI 2?

Download V3.0.73 now

Download the z/OS Connect (OpenAPI 3) Server and Designer.

Install the z/OS Connect (OpenAPI 2) server and API Toolkit

IBM z/OS Connect API provider Gradle Plugin.

IBM z/OS Connect API requester Gradle Plugin.     

For more information about z/OS Connect OpenAPI 3, find out more.