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z/OS Connect v3.0.67 is enhanced to support IMS COBOL applications, mapping from OpenAPI 3.0 operations to IMS COBOL applications


We have released V3.0.67 of IBM z/OS Connect OpenAPI 2 and OpenAPI 3. For more information, see PH52418: z/OS Connect V3.0.67 and if you’re new to IBM z/OS Connect, find out more here.  


This release provides a new version of the z/OS Connect Operator (v1.0.5) and is enhanced to support the creation of z/OS Assets from IMS COBOL applications. OpenAPI3 operations can now be mapped to IMS z/OS Assets that are defined using message segments or Large Data Structures (LDS). The feature comes with a new Getting Started tutorial to help you quickly develop and test your API projects using z/OS Connect Designer, mapping OpenAPI 3.0 operations to the IMS COBOL application.

This release also delivers Aqua 3.3 support for the API Toolkit (OpenAPI 2.0) and is compatible with API toolkit V3.0.9.10, V3.2.9.10 and V3.3.0. 


  1. Documentation for IMS z/OS Assets:

  2. The API requester sample project (used in the Getting Started API requester tutorial) is available on GitHub and can be downloaded from here https://github.com/zosconnect/sample-oas3-requester or by using the link in the API requester tutorial. For more information, see Downloading the tutorial structure, prerequisites and downloading the tutorial.

  3. There is a new version of the z/OS Connect Operator. Now at version 1.0.5.

If you have any feedback on this blog article, the enhancements in this release, or anything else that is related to IBM z/OS Connect content and information, please go to the z/OS Connect community and post your feedback on the discussion forum.

Get started today

Use the links below to find out more, and to get started with V3.0.67 now!
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       What is z/OS Connect OpenAPI 2? 
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Download V3.0.67 now

       Download the z/OS Connect (OpenAPI 3) Server and Designer.

       Install the z/OS Connect (OpenAPI 2) server and API Toolkit

       IBM z/OS Connect API provider Gradle Plugin.

       IBM z/OS Connect API requester Gradle Plugin.     

For more information about z/OS Connect OpenAPI 3, find out more.