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U.S. Auto Finance Case Study Using IBM Z

By Kari Nagle posted Tue October 19, 2021 11:00 AM

Consumer and Auto Loan Company
Streamlining workflows, improving business processes and cutting bad debt using IBM Z platform

With diversity often comes complexity.  This U.S.-based company offers consumer and auto loans, lease servicing, floor plan finance, risk management systems and more.  Behind the scenes, the company conducted collections with almost two dozen business processes, using either in-house technology solutions or performing the work manually. Systems modernization was needed to increase the efficiency and effectiveness of its collections operations while allowing the company to re-direct staff resources to value-add projects and add capacity in key business areas.

CGI worked with the company to deploy its market leading CACS® application, which runs on IBM Z.  With CACS in place, the company improved collection efficiency, created flexible rules for defining workflows and making third-party assignments, added loss mitigation functionality, and gained real-time decisioning to help guide collector actions.  The addition of CGI’s Charge off Accounting System (CAS), also running on IBM Z, allowed them to dramatically improve management of post charge off recoveries, agency control and result tracking and expand recovery opportunity.

CGI is using its 35+ years of collections experience and proven software to help drive the effectiveness and efficiency of the company’s collections operations. CGI has helped the company rationalize resources, leverage capabilities, and standardize processes to achieve far greater operational control and performance results. 

Legacy systems have been retired, manual processes automated, duplicative systems consolidated and maintenance and development costs cut.  With CACS and CAS (both running on IBM Z) in place, different business units now work collaboratively to define common workflow solutions.

The company now operates with a unified IBM Z platform for collections and recovery.  Collections personnel work with the real-time information and the risk-differentiated strategies they need to interact with customers more knowledgeably and, as a result, more productively and with enhanced regulatory compliance.  Greater targeted personalization in customer contacts also means greater customer satisfaction in resolving outstanding account balances.

CGI is dramatically transforming the collection program, enabling the client to reduce net bad debt and increase the efficiency of its collections operations.  This company has been running its system on IBM Z for decades and is happy with the consistency, reliability, ease of maintenance, and cost. They have been a satisfied customer and have no plans to change their platform.

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