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Updates to the IBM Java 8 runtime for z/TPF are now available (PJ46945)

By JT Plotzke posted Fri December 09, 2022 12:58 PM

There are updates made to the IBM® 64-bit Runtime Environment for z/TPF, Java™ Technology Edition, Version 8 to address various product security vulnerabilities.  For more information, see the security bulletin. The updates also include z/TPF-specific changes to enable the JVM shutdown hook, ujvm_jvm_shutdown_hook(), for Java 8 as well as making certain network methods externally visible in order to better facilitate using a Kafka producer with Kerberos enabled.

There are additional z/TPF updates provided with APAR PJ46945. Notably, new pre- and post- dump agent hooks have been added to the JVM user exit routines (UJVM) in support of low priority system dumps. Specify the property -Dcom.ibm.tpf.jvm.lowPrioritySysDumps to enable low priority system dumps.

Download and install the PJ46945_ibm-java-jre-8.0-7.20 package from the z/TPF support for IBM Semeru Runtimes and IBM Java SDK download page. This update, and associated changes made for APAR PJ46945, replaces the runtime environment provided with APAR PJ46780.

For more information about APAR PJ46945, see the APEDIT.